The Caged Bird Sings

Hey everyone A poem for a transwoman who has taken a small but important step on her journey to womanhood. Speaking from experience I know the importance of these small steps and know that every one you take is more important than last one and eventually you see how far you have come on the journey. Many people don’t realise that being trans is something you know from an early age and it is almost like your body is holding you prisoner. With this in mind I have titled the poem The Caged Bird Sings. I hope you enjoy the read.

The Caged Bird Sings

From her earliest memory
she knew
she dared to dream
the bird trapped in a cage
some said she couldn’t fly
she would not be allowed
flights of fancy
Instead she would be reared male
a jail would hold her captive
restraining her if she tried
to spread her wings
now the bird sings
she knows her voice
nature’s choice overcame nurture’s prison
a woman speaks her language
talks of her hopes
for the days of her life
she takes the first fledgling steps
setting up a new facebook profile to tell her story
in her words
friends are happy
they know who she is
this small step
is bigger than she thinks
others will follow
on the first of a million tomorrows it won’t be an easy ride
she has always known this
some resist change
unable to cope with its challenges
playing auntie
I know the road she’s walking
just I do for Jenny
another caged bird
as I once was
when I prayed to god
and wrote letters to Santa Claus
for barbie’s, tights, and lipstick
which never arrived
god knows how I survived
I prayed whilst trapped
now I live as the middle aged mother hen
my mother’s daughter
as I was surely born to be
there are sights I don’t want the girls to see
though I know I can’t wrap them in cotton wool
I know they do not need
sometimes I will sit up
till the clubs shut
and they are safely home in their beds
especially Samantha
the rebel
who is just learning to fly
sometimes she may fall
hurt a wing
but she will rise
and as she soars to the skies
she flies
remembers, she is no longer trapped
this is the day of her release
no longer in captivity
it is with grace and dignity
the caged bird sings

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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