Left In The Cold

Hey everyone It’s a wet and windy night here in Glasgow and I hear the storms of winter from the comfort of my living room I can’t help but think back to January 1968 the last time serious gales battered my city. With this in mind I have written a poem entitled Left In The Cold which I dedicate to those less fortunate than myself who don’t have the shelter of a flat. I hope you enjoy the read.

Left In The Cold

As storms batter my window and my city
I sit in the comfort of my flat giving thanks I am not outside tonight
as winter serves up her coldest meal
how must it feel to be homeless and alone
on nights like such as this
I shudder to think
bins recycle rubbish to the pavement
trees branches break
I think back to being six
in January 1968
when storms showed their power and half of Glasgow was rehoused because of it
this Included my family
though in reality we only moved
ten minutes up the road
I can’t really picture my old flat
all I know is what I was told by my parents
mum bemoaned the lack of community
dad that he had to walk
to the pub he called his local
still the exercise would have done him good
it didn’t matter to me
all I wanted was a hot meal
and a nice warm bed
food and shelter the most basic of all human needs
now a home owner I worry for my property
I am no longer six
but the memory of that January night
is still fresh in my mind
as if it were yesterday
rather than many yesterday’s ago
It is cold enough for snow
but the bitter winds scare snowflakes
tell them to go and lie on someone else’s ground
meanwhile gales dance around the sky
and I think of those less fortunate
swept away by celestial ceilidhs
I make myself a coffee and remember to pray
for the ones who are left in the cold

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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