Hey everyone. Those of you who know me or indeed this blog will know my faith is a very important part of my life. On Sunday after church I was spending some quality time with one of my best friends in the congregation as we caught up with each other’s christmas chat. Eventually I broached the subject of new year resolutions and said that mine were to attend the monthly faith/unbelief poetry discussion groups more than I miss them and I set a target of seven or eight out of twelve. I also said that wanted to attempt to write more faith based poetry and had already started on this journey with my new poem Resolutions, and lo and behold this poem came out of our conversation. I have called it Seeds as I believe you can never come to a crop of faith if the seeds are not planted first. So it is with that in mind that is appropriate to dedicate this poem to Diana the girl who planted the seeds of faith in me by her good natured teasing when I used to pass her on my way to Morrisons for my weekly shop as she was coming out of the church which I now regularly attend. Her opening line was always the same I didn’t see you at church this morning. At that time I never attended and couldn’t imagine myself going to Sunday service but this poem is a tribute to the one friend who never gave up believing I would. I hope you enjoy the read.


Gradually things return to normal
after the festive feast
excess eating and drinking
cloud the thinking of others
but never ourselves
we start to dream
of untold wealth
instead of consolidating
what is already ours
we believe we have more power than we do
forget about views with we don’t agree
pretend to be free but we are
when questioned not sure
what we’re free from
we write new words to a familiar song
as we retreat to back to old ways
rejoin the rat race
this is a time to examine
our spiritual health
ask why we chase after rainbows
which all too quickly fade in to the distance
resistance seems futile consumerism controls the way we are
moulding our thoughts to be driven by its needs
seeds of tomorrow lie unplanted
as nobody thinks of the future
preferring to live in a moment
which all too soon will pass
it is time to ask questions
but not questions of others
we need to discover ourselves
be who we are
not who society believes we should be
and ask are we the ones to blame
because we bought the dream
they were selling
and if we answer yes
resolve to play our part
be the crop growers
by sowing those abandoned seeds
of compassion hope and faith.

@Gayle Smith 2015


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