The Poster Girl For Self Destruct Buttons An Open Letter To Katie Hopkins

Hey everyone. Have just read a disgusting tweet from Katie Hopkins about Ebola coming to Scotland. I am furious beyond belief at this vile insult not only to my nation but to the hard working staff of NHS Scotland. So furious in fact I have decided to write her an open letter to let her know my thoughts. I doubt very much if she’ll read it but it has to be worth a try.

Dear Katie Hopkins.

You do not know me but I know of you through your celebrity status which you gained as a former contestant on the reality TV show the apprentice.

Since then you have been able to maintain your status by appearing on talk shows, and discussions panels as well as writing for a certain conservative minded national newspaper. I have no problem with that and indeed go as far to wish you well in whatever direction your career may lead you. I do however have the sense that you have a deep seated dislike for my country and for the life of me I cannot understand why. Though doubtless you will have your reasons.

I write this letter more in sorrow than in anger that you could take such a cheap shot at my country. Scotland is a peaceful nation and by and large Scots are not easy to anger, though you seem to manage it with quite alarming ease. I know you will probably think you are being funny with your vile tweet on someone from Glasgow contracting the deadly ebola virus but believe me your not. In fact you are treading on very dangerous ground and this time you have overstepped the mark. This is made all the more true by the fact that your latest comment comes just days after my city was devastated by a freak pre Christmas accident and is something I find deeply offensive.

I have to say that calling us names like sweaty Jocks is neither original nor intelligent, this has been a bog standard insult used by the more obnoxious of your country folk for many a year, or even a century. If anything this insult shows a distinct lack of creative thought. My message is if you going to say something make it something that will last beyond five minutes of virtual notoriety or this weekend’s fish and chip wrappers. This idea of originality clearly never crossed your mind when your crossed the line from banter into vitriol

Also I feel I must take issue with your comment on our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. I must admit I found your tweet on her mildly amusing but maybe not for the reasons you’d like. You see though Nicola Sturgeon may not be the tallest woman on the planet, she is a woman born to lead. I am sure she will if she hasn’t done it already thank the people of England for the care that NHS England are providing for the victim of this terrible disease but mark my words and mark them well! I would sooner have a woman whom you judge to be short on physique running my country than one who is clearly short on manners, decency, and what I call cultural intelligence. Yes Katie I was laughing at you rather than with you. Trust me your kind of playground insults will never get you a show at the Edinburgh fringe.

It is I think safe to say that and many others take very strong exception to your insulting comments on NHS Scotland.
Our NHS staff are just like their colleagues in England, Wales and Ulster over worked and under paid and do not deserve such contemptible comments to be made about them. Now I know you have made many unkind comments on various issues in the past but there comes a time when you have to stop and consider the reckless consequences of your actions.
Surely you must realise the damage it does to your reputation, after all this is not the first time you have courted controversy with your comments on Scotland.

It is I believe beyond ridiculous that you blame Scotland for bringing Ebola to England as the woman who contracted this killer disease, a nurse by the way, had to travel back to Scotland from Sierra Leone via Casablanca which in case you didn’t know is Morocco, and then London which I believe is in England before returning home to Scotland. This however is not a blame game about who gave what to who. There is a woman who has a highly infectious disease which could kill her. We as a family of nations must do all in our power to aid her recovery and stop this disease from spreading. That and only that must be the priority of both the Scottish and UK Governments and I am sure that our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and UK Prime Minister David Cameron will be doing all they can to make sure this is an isolated case and that this disease spreads no further.

This Ms Hopkins is not a time for petty, political points scoring, it is for acting like adults and solving the problem not mocking the victim because of her geographical location. This is insensitive act which can only cause distress to her family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Did you consider that before your tweet? I think not, extra distress is something they really don’t need at what will be an emotional and difficult time for them.

Having said this I want to make it clear I don’t have anything against you on a personal level. Quite the opposite in fact, because and I don’t know why but part of me really wants to like you. Honestly, it really is true. You see, I like the fact you are a woman who is successful in business,and knows your own mind. It is good that you are a woman with opinions who is not afraid to express them. Too many over years and centuries women in all nations have been told to sit down and shut up So the qualities you have are to be admired and indeed encouraged. You should be a role model for today’s girls and young women. Sadly however you are not and are often like Sarah Pallin held up as a figure of ridicule.

This should not be the case but the tragedy is that it is because you have this alarming tendency to open your mouth before thinking of the potential consequences. You are,I think if such a think is indeed even possible the poster girl for self destruct buttons.

This to me is a real shame when you have chance to be so much more than that. Perhaps you should reflect on your thoughtless comments and make an apology to the people of Scotland, we are after all still part of your United Kingdom or is the kingdom you I believe in and exclusive club for the rich and therefore part of the reason I did not believe we were better together and voted yes for a better tomorrow where we would make the choice to as the great Nelson Mandela says by our hopes and not our fears.
I await your reply, though somehow I doubt if I’ll get one.

Yours Sincerely.



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