Hey everyone. A poem about the moment when a girl knows or at least thinks she knows she’s met the one. I’ve called the poem Thunder and I hope you enjoy the read.


My pal and I were chatting
when all of a sudden
he walks in to our space
he all muscles
tanned not salon style
this was beach
out of our reach
well at the moment anyway
she of the beaming smile
my face scarlet guilty blushes
as he walks away
we hear thunder
I turn to her and say
yes there’s a storm
she smiles
knowing exactly
what I mean

@ Gayle Smith 2011


2 thoughts on “Thunder

  1. Gayle. We meet about 5 months ago at the bus station in Edinburgh one night. And I have been reading your blog since. I was sat there trying to decide should I go back to Dublin or stay in Edinburgh with a man I was very unsure about. I didn’t tell you this at the time. We talked in great length about GAA and you gave me hope that there are still genuinely nice people left in this world. I never told you but you helped me massively. I have been thinking about you because I believe Christmas is a time for friends and family. I know we only meet once but you had such a profound effect on me. And gave me such strength. I went back to Dublin the next day and have never looked back, I’m now truly happy. Thank you and Merry Christmas. Love Sabrina

    • Hey Sabrina It’s so lovely to hear from you again. I remember our meeting well, we chatted on the serious stuff like Scotland’s future and Donegal’s chances of taking Sam home to the hills. Unfortunately for me neither turned out quite the way I had hoped so it’s safe to say the third weekend in September was not the best I’ve ever had.

      I’m glad you consider me a friend and I was able to help you without even trying. Like you, I felt a connection that night, I think it’s just the way we girls work. We connect in a different way to men, it’s deeper and more emotional and tends to be more real. I’m glad you made the right decision about that guy, well I’ve always believed that if you are unsure about something or for that matter someone, then there is usually a very good reason for it. There are times in life you have to follow your gut and yours was telling you to come home.

      It’s great to hear your happy and enjoying life the way you deserve to and to know your still reading tartantights but since we’re on the topic I wonder if you could do me a wee favour and leave a comment on a few of your favourite posts.

      Anyway, that’s enough gabbing for now. Hope you’ll be coming over to Edinburgh for Fringe 2015 and look forward to seeing you then. Merry Christmas. Love Gayle X

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