Suited And Booted

Hey everyone. Thought I’d share a poem on my first day at work as a woman which was exactly six years ago. Though I have since been made redundant I have many memories of my former work and this undoubtedly ranks as one of my best. To me it was far more important than coming out to my colleagues at the Christmas party the previous Friday as it recognised my entry to professional life as a woman which makes the memory even more special.

However, momentous as this day was, it brought with it a unique set of problems I had never had to face before like for example deciding what to wear to the office and as any woman particularly a transwoman will tell you this is never an easy choice as you only get one chance to make a first impression so the pressure to get it right was enormous and it was that pressure which inspired this poem about a day I can still remember as if it was yesterday. I’ve titled the poem Suited And Booted I hope you enjoy the read.

Suited And Booted

Monday morning going to work
first day of new beginning
have to think about what to wear
to be a professional woman
my silver dress is way too glam
my gray one much too prim
I’m faced with so many choices
my head is starting to spin

I make myself a coffee
I need a nice hot drink
I’ll just take five minutes before I decide
It will give me time to think
my cream skirt feels a bit too long
my navy one just a bit short
only an hour till I leave home
still nothing to report

Then I look in to my wardrobe again
and suddenly I see
a plain black skirt and jacket
staring back at me
I match them up with a beige coloured top
I’m ready to do my duty
I’m soon on the bus destination success
a career girl suited and booted

@ Gayle Smith 2008


One thought on “Suited And Booted

  1. Nice poem 🙂

    I always thought that if I ever ended up running my own business, I’d have it as a rule that employees could wear whatever they wanted.
    Never liked the idea of everyone going around in these immaculate suits. If I want corporate robots, I’ll build my own! Self expression and individuality wins every time! 😀

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