Up Close And Poetic ( A Poem In Tribute To The Scottish Poetry Library)

Hey everyone. This is my poetic tribute to the Scottish Poetry Library. It’s a venue that means a lot to me, so I hope you enjoy the read

Up Close And Poetic ( A Poem In Tribute To The Scottish Poetry Library)

The place to the perform
punchy poetic lines
with rhymes rants and reason
where no-one is guilty of treason
and free speech finds its voice
no matter your choice or style
all are welcome on the mile
as I make my way from
Waverley to North Bridge
then journey on to Cannongate
I walk in the footsteps of giants
past the fudge shop and world’s end bar
to my favourite chippy
where I have shared chats
with performers politicians and citizens of the world
tradition dictates I buy a single haggis
on my first performance of the year
Maria smiles knowing i take it with salt no vinegar
my poems are acidic enough
when the going gets tough
the tough get rhyming
there are no candy clouds
or silver linings
in a world where every word matters
poets don’t do patter
poetry is as Coleridge said
the best words in the best order
on finishing my meal
I turn the corner
into Crichton’s Close
and the Scottish Poetry Library
It really is the perfect place to read
on a late summer’s day
as poets get up close and poetic
with fellow practitioners of the craft.

@ Gayle Smith 2014


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