Silent Street

Hey everyone. It has long been my belief that the right wing Governments of Margaret Thatcher helped destroy communities in both Scotland and Britain. Thatcher created the gospel of greed, and instead of destroying the me first society she worshipped the Labour Party actually embraced it abandoning every principal they ever stood for as they did so in pursuit of electoral gain in the home counties of the south east of England. I have written this poem lamenting the death of decency within Scotland and Britain and in the hope that is not too late to empower those who want real change that it isn’t too late to make it happen. I have given the poem the title Silent Street and hope you find it an enjoyable and thought provoking read.

Silent Street

Trouble with the neighbours
not me
I live on silent street
where nobody knows the folks next door
this may be fine most of the time
but it isn’t a crime to look out for those in need
In a society obsessed with greed we all too often forget this fact
walking on by when we see folk struggling
in our internet age we’ve seem to have forgotten
how to interact
communication is a necessary skill
a skill we lack
I know I’m guilty of keeping myself to myself
It was my mother said
the safest way to be
but surely in the name of the wee man
or the big guy in the sky with a plan
there must be a way to look after our most vulnerable citizens
or is the Scotland which voted to remain in Britain
too culturally conservative to care
about the wee lass
who had her teddy bear stolen by a ned
the old man who was burgled beaten up and left for dead
the young mum who has to use foodbanks
whilst struggling on a zero hours contract
and gets by on minimum wage
the teenager who has seen his dreams shattered
as bankers and billionaires command centre stage
demanding the going rate plus a very healthy bonus
it’s time to focus on building communities
not let them fade away
we can’t change yesterday
but we can fight for tomorrow
learning from the ashes of the past
as we rebuild a fairer land
where exclusion fades from our collective imagination
we learn to value communication know the folks next door
and though we have the right to a personal and private life
don’t stand by and watch
a man beat his wife
or children living in poverty
without hope for the future
greed cannot be the dark seducer
destroying our dreams
before we even we get started
the song once asked
what becomes of the broken hearted?
what is the answer to that question
are they just tokens to be ignored
except when it comes to elections
when the great and the good come to silent street
and get a view of a country
they would sooner think
never existed
forgetting those abandoned
like the litter of the land
I never have trouble with the neighbours
I live in silent street
where apathy rules
and its not ‘ok by me!

@ Gayle Smith 2014


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