Just Like The Waltons

Hey everyone Thought I’d post a poem on one of my TV favourite programmes growing up in the 1970’s I hope it shows the stereotypes we faced growing up during a more conservative time than now and how family life was never quite the same as the apple pie image of Walton’s mountain. After this was Glasgow and Scottish women had a very different life to those in the America of the 1930’s depression. Maybe that’s why the programme was so popular. I’ve called the poem Just Like The Waltons I hope you enjoy the read.

Just Like The Waltons

The Waltons essential Monday Night viewing
for girls of a certain vintage
Growing up in the 70’s
we were presented with this golden image
of family life
as society deemed it should be
father who ruled the house
with mother tied to the kitchen sink
but wait for a moment, think
how many families did you know like that?
In Glasgow tenements or council flats
not many now there’s a surprise
we had west of Scotland ties
not quite as wholesome
as some would suggest
we struggled on doing our best
to prove Gloria Gaynor was right
I will survive our song of the night
as rites of passage
new beginnings
on our journeys from girls to women
who would eventually have families of our own
and pretend to sisters and friends
we really were just like the Waltons

@ Gayle Smith 2010


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