Dearest Scotland ( A Letter To The Future Scotland)

Hey everyone. Whilst at the Commonweal gathering in the summer I was interested to find a rather innovative project entitled Dearest Scotland. The project was open to all Scots by which I mean anyone living within the boundaries of our nation and even those in the Scottish Diaspora regardless of political persuasion.

The project involved writing a letter to the future Scotland which is to be read by those who will live in our country long after I and all among us today have went to our final resting place. It is if you like, an opportunity to document our hopes and dreams for the future of our country at this momentous time in our country’s history.

Knowing my particular political view of what I wanted the future to be I decided to that a letter wouldn’t do justice to my vision to the future Scotland and decided to tackle the project in a more creative manner. So after much blood, sweat, tears, and the occasional tantrum, well how else would you expect a born again drama queen to react on having my first draft of my letter wiped out on my computer? I have finally written my letter in the form a poem and this is my submission to the project.

Dearest Scotland ( A Letter To The Future Scotland)

Dearest Scotland

I write this letter to say
I hope you are safe
the disgrace of nuclear weapons
a distant memory
as your hard won independence
protected your daughters and sons
from there presence amongst your people
I hope our neighbours also benefited from your courage and wisdom
and our government led by the example we set
as learning from history
we fought against military and environmental violence
the silent majority found their voice
speaking in our name whenever they thought they must
I hope dearest Scotland
you have created a climate of trust
between voters and those we select to lead us

I pray that poverty is a thing of the past
that no family knows of
except in the pages of history books
I wish for this generation to aspire to be the best they can be
free from the limits others imposed on our chances

Dearest Scotland I hope the cause I and others advanced
of a more inclusive tomorrow
has been realised
and that no postcode lottery
has cut dreams down to a size so small they can be barely be seen
the obscene wealth gap between rich and poor has at last been wiped from our nation

I hope we’re finally living in the fairer kinder land
I fought all my life to build
where education and equality for all our citizens
are the twin pillars of a country
in which people are judged only on the content of their character rather than that of their bank account

Dearest Scotland I hope you have found the tunes
to sing with an international voice affirming the positive choice to help those in need wherever you find them
with fairness at the heart of your constitution
I hope women have finally gained equal pay
and cinderella can go to any ball she likes
as you put rights before rhetoric
leaving artificial dividing lines
as footprints in the sands of time and by doing this hold fast
to the values of acting locally
but thinking in a global way
to improve humankind

Dearest Scotland I hope
you find the bravery never to take
the easy solution to your problems
it is not your way nor should it be freedom is too precious a gift
to be restricted to politicians
I remember being told all we had were hopes and aspirations
we were too small to rule our own land
by those too small minded
to see the bigger picture
who failed to understand
independence is not about hating others
but having confidence to take
the road
to the place we choose for ourselves

I pray we rejected the idea that wealth, riches, and self interest
were the keys to happiness and success
though some wore those rags of misplaced pride
like an outdated badge of honour
I hope history has proven
these opponents of change were wrong
now the old song plays no more
I hope the lion has no cause to roar
the future has no place for old scores
only new and stronger friendships
as family members leave the parental home
to move to our own accommodation
paid for by principles rather than prejudice

It is time to move on the next stage of the journey
going wherever it takes us
at our own pace as we write
the next chapter of our story

@ Gayle Smith 2014


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