Hey everyone A new poem with I hope a strong anti-racist message which owes much to the inspiration of my good friend Jim Monaghan. Thanks comrade you’ve done it again. The poem is entitled Them I hope you enjoy the read.


A man told me the other day
listen miss prim I’ve got something to say
I’ve never liked them
you know who I mean
there not the same as us
don’t dream of our queen
they don’t believe in the country
we like
and someone has to fight the fight

You see the problem isn’t us
It really is them
they refuse to adapt to our ways
now if we did that in their lands
you would soon hear them
you can bet they would scream
tell us to adapt or leave
I can’t believe
what they get away with here
I say it loud and clear
there are far too many of them

I asked who are they?
I need to know
oh the irish, jamaicans the french the poles
minority groups like the gays
and their ilk
I quite like reggae, pasta, kilts
but we’re being overrun
with them.

I had listened to his rant then decided no more
I needed to speak about what I stand for
acceptance of others that he labelled different
was I said how I saw Britain
he claimed I was wrong
said that he was the voice
of the British majority
yes he was their choice
I couldn’t believe it I had to move on
his mask was removed credibility gone

I walked away left him fuming
about how the country’s gone to ruin
I find it a challenge to explain
he can say what he likes
but I think it’s his shame
he won’t accept to the proffered hand
what is he scared to understand?

People are people in Brazil and Bulgaria
in Italy Ireland Rwanda Romania
The story’s the same regardless of place
we’re a diverse mix in our human race
I sent him homeward wherever it be
gave thanks that I have the right to be me
and raised my glass to Them.

@Gayle Smith 2014


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