The Day Job Pays The Bills

Hey everyone As it is now technically Monday morning I thought I would post a poem written in 2010 on the topic of work It’s a kinda tongue in check look at what some of us girls may have got up to at the weekend and why Monday Morning can often give us a much needed reality check as we prepare to start another week. I’ve titled this poem The Day Job Pays The Bills I hope you enjoy the read.

The Day Job Pays The Bills.

The day job pays the bills
like your credit card and mortgage
remember that because it’s true
you mustn’t be a hostage
to youthful hopes and misplaced dreams
now it might be a terrible shame
but it’s only in the local bar
where everyone knows your name

your great at karaoke
the star of Friday nights
but only Madonna looks good for her age
in a pair of statement tights
you copy the look but it doesn’t quite work
you may think it’s exciting
your best friend’s daughter called the police
and they warned you to stick to your typing

I know it’s not fun in an admin job
but at least it pays a wage
the world is filled with wannabes
who dream of centre stage
but memories fade at the end of the night
along with your chance of success
so it’s back to the day job
it’s nine to five hell
but it paid for your little black dress.

@ Gayle Smith 2010


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