Freedom’s Flame Burns For One Of The Good Guys Who Will Never Be Yesterday’s Man

Hey everyone Tonight is bonfire night and as such fires will be lit all over Scotland and Britain to commemorate or celebrate the failure of the gunpowder plot which Guido Peter Fawkes more commonly known as Guy Fawkes go to his death for attempting to blow up the palace of Westminster. This act can be viewed depending on your political persuasion as an act of treachery against the mother of parliaments, the British do like to see themselves as the guardians of democracy believe me, they fool no-one but themselves, or alternatively a heroic act of bravery by the only Englishman ever to enter Westminster with honourable intentions.

Anyway, as I said tonight there will be celebrations all over Britain however by far the more bizarre bonfire is taking place in the East Sussex town of Lewes. It seems that the natives of that particular town have devised a particularly odd way of welcoming Scotland back in to the UK family. Apparently these Scotophiles will give our nation a welcoming hug by burning an effigy of both the Loch Ness Monster and our outgoing First Minister Alex Salmond.

Now I happen to know that Alex Salmond has been blessed with a good sense of humour he’d need to be he is after all a Hearts fan. However it’s not Mr Salmond I’m concerned about it’s the residents of a small and more to the point small minded English town where the locals seem to be living in a time warp.
Haven’t they heard Alex Salmond has stepped down from his post as First Minister of Scotland and will soon be replaced by his current deputy Nicola Sturgeon who will soon take over as both First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party.

This doesn’t seem to have resonated with the good citizens of Lewes who still see fit to cast Mr Salmond in the role of the bad guy for daring to suggest that Scotland might be better to consider a home outside the family known to the world as the Little-Brittons. Not that this will in any way alarm Alex Salmond. Indeed I would go further and suggest he may actually be flattered by this attention both to himself and what he represents. You see it is my considered opinion that these people in this remote corner of what will forever be deeply Tory England sense that even after his resignation Mr Salmond may still represent a very significant danger to their interests.

This can only be good news for Alex Salmond, his successor Nicola Sturgeon, The Scottish National Party, and most importantly of all the cause of Scottish Independence. This was a cause for which Mr Salmond has worked tirelessly all his political life and of which he said in a very dignified resignation speech ‘The Dream Shall Never Die’

The burning of his effigy is a publicity stunt which has backfired quite spectacularly as it has given the outgoing First Minister the one thing any political leader thrives on namely publicity. Not only that it has given him free publicity. This must be the Labour Party’s worst possible nightmare, Just as they embark on a leadership contest they are wiped off the news and the biggest story is about their much hated nemesis. I refer to the man I am proud to call my outgoing party leader Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond.

It seems that whether they realise it or not the good people of Lewes have done both my leader and my party a very significant favour. You see by making Alex who is a very good guy, the focus of their bonfire they have whether they realise it or not effectively destroyed the argument of would be Scottish Labour Leader Jim Murphy who claimed on last Sunday’s Marr show that Mr Salmond would soon be yesterday’s man. To be fair however the argument advanced by Mr Murphy never did hold much water after all this was the man who wasn’t even good enough to be yesterday’s man yesterday. He represents no threat to the union indeed he is amongst its most rabid supporters.

Alex Salmond however is an entirely different matter, there are many unionists who get nervous at the very mention of his name. So as he gets ready to sail in to the political sunset many unionists will be secretly or not so secretly hoping that he journeys to a very pleasant wilderness never more to return and bother them or interrupt their little schemes with his concerns on Scotland’s future but I believe freedom’s flame burns brightest for one of good guys who will never be yesterday’s man.

Now as for the unionist wish that Mr Salmond disappear into the pages of some still to be written history books I have a funny feeling that wish may never be granted and that sometime soon Alex Salmond may yet prove more successful in destroying Westminster than a certain Guido Peter Fawkes. You see I believe he is not only a man of stature but a man of integrity who has taught his successor well. Indeed history may yet show that his greatest bequest to his party was his political intelligence in spotting a bright and very likeable student whom he mentored and made his  Depute Leader and in  Nicola Sturgeon he selected the candidate who would not only succeed him  but could actually be the women who leads Scotland out of the wilderness and back on the road to nationhood and our place in the global family.

Believe me the British establishment are worried and they have very good reason to be so. Scotland may have lost this referendum but my belief we will win our country has not weakened since September 19th if anything it has grown stronger by the day and this little bonfire is yet another nail in the coffin of the unionist myth that we will ever be a partnership of equals. Our day will come and the unionists know it and deep down they fear it may come far than they would like to think.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X



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