The Hoisery Years In Honour Of National Get Your Tights On Day

Hey everyone Apparently today is national get your tights on day. I have to be honest and say that until I watched this morning on ITV this morning I had no idea such a day even existed but it does. I know this is because I was told by Philip Schofield and Amanda Holden so it had to be true.

To celebrate this great day, the women of Britain were given a tights master-class by that self styled fashion know it all Gok Wan. During his master-class the ever informative Gok informed us that the were a great variety of tights on the market. Like there is a woman in Britain who doesn’t know this! I mean come on Gok we are the ones who have to wear them. Though personally I think that a good pair of tights can be the perfect accessory for any outfit. So bearing that in mind and also the fact that I am out and proud transsexual woman I thought I would look at my hosiery journey through the years.

Growing up with no sisters is not an easy journey for anyone but when you know from an early years that you are and will always be one of the girls it is twice as hard as it needs to be and knowing that you’ll have wear your mum’s hand me down’s. Believe me this is not the kind of fashion statement an anxious pre teen with the hots for Donny Osmond wants to make.

Like most girls of my generation I started off wearing American tan. This was I have to say not through choice but rather lack of availability of any other shade. This was typical of early seventies Scotland variety for girls in my situation was not an option.

Eventually on reaching my teens I managed to get a pair of white tights which were the height of fashion at the time. Well this was decade fashion forgot as purple flares and tartan drainpipes surely prove. On the occasions when I was allowed to be a girl by a kind but conservative mother I always had to obey her dress code. This however was better than nothing and I wouldn’t have black tights gracing my legs before I reached 16. Well according to my mother’s logic black made men think of sex. I never did understand her reasoning but navy was as close as I was going to get.

Eventually the day came and on my 16th birthday despite finding my female feelings shameful she finally bought a pair of black tights. To her credit she was even more radical for my 21st when she bought me two pairs of sparkly ones in black and red. As I now had my own money I could spend it on what I wanted including skirts dresses and other essentials you would find in every girl’s wardrobe.

Over time I became more daring and flashed my legs in all sorts of patterns not to mention colours. These included silver, gold, lilac, and fishnets which in my view should be a compulsory staple as you never know when you may need them. God knows why but I even tried pink once. Now that was a step too far even for me but even I won’t do footless I don’t want my feet on public display. The idea makes me feel a tad uneasy I just think
there certain things best left covered up.

So now in my early fifties what is my current style? Well I would say I don’t really have one. I just try to accessorise with my outfit, and black tends to go with just about everything. I were to offer advice to anyone, particularly to others who are at the start of their trans journey what I would say is to wear what ever your comfortable with. Well as any stylist will tell you there are plenty of styles and varieties we can select to suit our style. I mean one may not want to wear the same tights to church as we would to a night on the town or if we were going for a meal.

However no matter what your style from sheer to thick we’ve got all bases covered. Personally I tend to stick to black most days but occasionally I’ll wear something different just for the fun of it. Well what is it the song says girls just wanna have fun well you know what I’m still having fun and I don’t intend to stop just yet

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X



One thought on “The Hoisery Years In Honour Of National Get Your Tights On Day

  1. I remember American tan that is what everybody bought . I wore long white socks with skirts until i left school at 16. I love fish nets i have black ones and tan . But because of my age i were them with knee high boots with dress or skirt. I try not to look tarty as I’m in middle 50 s. I do agree with u when you mention your feet. I too know what i need to hide and cover up. XxX

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