Hey everyone. Tonight’s offering
is another poem on mental health. Living with someone with depression is not an easy shift but when they have been there for you in difficult situations it is only right you provide them with as much appropriate support as you can. Janette is not just my flatmate she is also my best friend and when it comes to my friends there is one indisputable fact they can rely on. I don’t do walking away. I have called the poem Turbulence I hope you find it a thought provoking read.


The dinner I had planned for Sunday
has become my late night supper and someone else’s wednesday morning breakfast
it was she who put it in the oven when I was watching TV
telling me that it would soon be ready
depression is never a steady ship in which to sail
you are never sure where it will take you next
all you can do is chart the course watching for storms as you go
remembering to baton down the hatches
at the first sign of turbulence
doing what you can to steer the ship
to calmer waters

@ Gayle Smith 2014


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