White Tights And Mini Skirts

Hey everyone A poem about the teenage years which my good friend Arielle Dale Karro a young American poet of considerable talent says is one with which every woman can identify. I hope this poem written in 2010, illustrates the bonding process which unites all women and girls yes trans girls included as it takes us on a journey through rites of passage we gain through shared emotions and experiences. I’ve titled it White Tights And Mini Skirts. I hope you enjoy the read

White Tights And Mini Skirts

White tights and mini skirts
badly smudged lippy
times when we’ve acted
a little bit dippy
tantrums and hissy fits
mood swings and dreams
becoming a woman
with all that it means

From high school high store
money that’s ours
discovering shopping
has magical powers
going to the dancing
gaining degrees
knowing that boys
make us weak at the knees

pursuing careers
obsessions with diets
music and movies
hormones running riots
moving in to our own place
as we grow stage by stage
from white tights and mini skirts
to coming of age

@ Gayle Smith 2010


4 thoughts on “White Tights And Mini Skirts

    • Thanks a lot Charlene I’m glad you enjoyed it. My friend Arielle says it’s one my best though I always think that comes down to personal taste. I must admit though, I really enjoy performing this one as it is a wee bit more gentle than some of my other work yet it still has a strong sense of sisterhood about it.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle XXX

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