This Isn’t A Land Of Hope And Glory It’s The Land Of The Union Jack Boot

Hey everyone Last night less than 24 hours after Scotland voted to stay in the UK unionist thugs turned George Square in to a battleground as they went on a drunken hate fuelled rampage destroying benches and fighting with police in scenes straight out of a horror movie.

There is no doubt these scenes which shame Glasgow, Scotland, the UK, and the world has definitely tainted the unionist victory and will break David Cameron’s heart far more than a yes voter could ever do. You see these are his people make no mistake about the fact this is the ugly face of unionism alive well and sectarian.

As they gathered early in the evening the crowd were burning saltaires and singing the Anti Catholic famine song in which they taunt the Irish-Scots community with the endless repetition of two lines and have nerve to call it a song. Well they always did have a limited imagination and an even more limited intellect. You see what they fail to realise is that this is our country as much as if not more than theirs and we are going nowhere.

As if to prove there hatred is not just confined to religion it is the only area in which they can multi-task, I have also learned that Baillieston SNP Councillor Austin Sheridan was assaulted in a homophobic attack. Austin who is Glasgow’s youngest elected representative is also one of my local councillors and a personal friend of mine. A hard working young guy he is committed to serving his party his country and most of all the people of Baillieston whom he is proud to represent. I am sure that all good unionists throughout Scotland will join with me in condemning this vicious and unprovoked attack.

Now there are many good and decent unionists out there from all religious traditions and indeed none who worked tirelessly for there cause as I did for mine but as a yes voter I am if being 100 per cent honest finding it very difficult not to get very smug about this rent a mob and there actions which shame the cause they are supposed to represent.
You see the yes campaign held peaceful gatherings in George Square for three successive nights without any hint of trouble and were commended for our behaviour by Police Scotland. This is in total contrast to a group of nutters on the fringe of the unionist movement who showed exactly why the official better together campaign said no thanks to them.

This behaviour shames our city and our country no matter which version of our country we voted for. I hope those responsible are not only arrested but banged up in the big house for a very long time. Alternatively we could send these cardboard gangsters to the front line of any future conflict. I suspect these would be hard men wouldn’t last two minutes before there nice white boxer shorts turned to brown and this wouldn’t be due to the fact a bar of chocolate melted in their pocket. Well If it stopped a real soldier from getting killed and a decent family from grieving then that could only be good news for both the soldiers family and society at large.

My belief is that many Scots will remember this outrageous behaviour in our main city and when the next referendum comes and there will be one these actions will only help to fuel recruits for Yes and the result will be an absolute landslide. I say this not in hope but in confidence, you see I believe that many decent people who voted no in the hope of giving the UK one last chance will now see this and bitterly regret the choice they made. This choice was if they were honest made out of sentiment and some form of misguided emotional attachment rather than a common sense vision of a future Scotland.

Bearing all the facts in mind it may be that last night just one night after clinching what I see as a short term victory was the night the land of hope and glory was shown to be the land of the union jack boots and any final pretence of a united kingdom finally died.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


5 thoughts on “This Isn’t A Land Of Hope And Glory It’s The Land Of The Union Jack Boot

  1. Let’s cut to the chase, these were foot soldiers of the Better Together campaign.
    The Scottish Labour Party climbed into bed with Tories/UKIP/BNP/EDL and every right-nutter in Scotland.
    The Labour Party should hang it’s head in shame.
    Going by the turnout across Scotland, these lavvyheids voted.
    And they didn’t vote YES.

  2. Afraid to say Cameron was probably secretly cheering them on.
    Division and hatred is exactly what he wants, hoping that the region of the UK where Scotland once existed will be too intimidated and divided to even think of slipping our leash again.

    In truth, he doesn’t even need that. Apathy is the main party of the people here.
    Can’t save people who don’t want to be saved…

    • Don’t agree. This is the death rattle of UK PLC they were only saved by the votes of ill informed older people who watch the BBC and read the Daily Record and Daily Mail and are confused enough to call it news. To achieve 45 per cent of the vote against a backdrop of lies, smears, and project fear was I believed nothing short of a major miracle and we are closer than ever to achieving independence for our nation but more importantly for people. They deserve nothing less and we will deliver. That is why all three major Yes parties have witnessed an almost seismic growth in membership since Thursday evening with the SNP gaining over 5,000 new members, the Greens growing by 1,200 and the Scottish Socialists up by almost 600. This is not a movement which is going to be defeated, this is a movement who are going to win and a movement which will bring about the world’s greatest democratic revolution.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

  3. Sad to say some of right-wingers live among us here in Glasgow rather than the Chelsea casuals story doing the rounds.
    Big boy done it and ran away malarkey that comes with the jack boot stuff.
    Notice a name cropping up on the “net” from Baillieston, well worth the watching, me thinks.
    Wonder what state these anti democracy characters would have done if we’d won.
    Anyway meeting the local councillor tomorrow.
    I’m signing up for the SNP.
    Thanks G for your blog.
    You helped me in my down moments.

    • Hey Graham Glad to be able to help. I agree that there are some very dodgy characters existing I wouldn’t call what they do living amongst our people. I do have to say though the reason for the title was deliberate and it was chosen to taint the so-called proud Scots who didn’t vote for Scotland with the staines of the raving right and believe me it was not an accident.

      Glad to hear your joining the party and look forward to seeing you at either branch meetings if your branch is Shettleston or at Glasgow wide gatherings and campaigns.

      Also as my most regular contributor I would like to offer you the chance to write a guest post for tartantights on a topic of your choice. Should you wish to do so, please e-mail me at

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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