A Sea Of Saltaires Waved For Our Nation But I Hope There Not Drowned By A Chorus Of Fear

Hey everyone This final week of campaigning in the independence referendum is one which I will remember for a very long time. I have made new friends and reconnected with long standing ones as I hit the campaign trail in spectacular style.

It is I think fair to say that the result of this referendum will I believe shape our country’s future either permanently if it is as I pray it will be a resounding victory for Yes in a positive way which will bring about a new and better democracy and a country or if it’s a no vote we will be consigned to the mercies of the same self seeking servants we are at the moment and face a decade of despair before we rise up and finally reclaim our country for ourselves.

To make sure we don’t have to wait any longer than Friday morning to win this fight for Scotland the yes campaign held a day of action on Saturday and massive numbers swelled town and city centres all over the country with one very clear message to undecided voters and the message was Scotland says yes to Independence.

I attended the Yes event in Glasgow City Centre, and I have never been prouder of my native city. As I arrived Buchanan Street was a sea of Saltaires and after listening to the speeches and entertainment I had a very busy and productive day in which I handed out a variety of leaflets in the support of the yes campaign. I reckon I must have
done the full length of Buchanan Street at least five times. I also did a brief stint at the women for independence where I teamed up with Kathleen Caskie in what may just have been the deadliest duo ever seen behind any stall anywhere. Move over Batman and Robin your status as action heroes may just have been claimed by heroines.

There was I am delighted to say
no trouble despite the more extreme and uneducated unionists trying briefly to create it but since no one was paying any attention they decided to move on before embarrassing themselves and their cause more than they already had.

On Sunday I attended the BBC bias demonstration and I have to say the atmosphere was electric. It was half demonstration half party and I really enjoyed the carnival atmosphere but make no mistake this was first and foremost a protest and we made sure we made our voices heard.

On Monday and Tuesday I headed over to Partick to work on the yes stall and had a great couple of days with a fantastic group of people. Yesterday I headed to Provan where I spent a couple of hours doing street work in the Dennistoun area with surprisingly positive feedback.

After this I headed down to George Square as I had done on Tuesday to sample the atmosphere among the yes campaigners who had gathered to support our right to freedom.
It was a brilliant night and I even did a bit of leafleting to floating voters and persuade them of the case for independence

This campaign has been the most emotional I have ever been involved in. It has been without doubt a fantastic experience and I pray we get the vote we deserve and in the early hours of tomorrow we will get the reward of a better land for the future generations of Scots. These last few days have seen a sea of saltaires flying all over Scotland, my hope is that tonight that sea of saltaires will not be drowned by the Westminster parties chorus of fear.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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