If All You Have To Offer Us Are Flags And Empty Promises We Know That You Have Nothing To Sell

Hey everyone This morning I am able to bring you breaking news on independence referendum live and as it happens and it’s not good news for the unionists.

On the day that the three wise or not so wise men came from afar aka Westminster bearing us only the promise of gifts as a bribe to stay with them, it appears one of the wise men will need to have a serious word with one of his of former cabinet ministers. The wise man in question is Ed Milliband and the colleague in question is former Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell.

This problem came to light less than two hours ago when as he was being interviewed by Philip Schofield on ITV’s This Morning about this Saturday’s Proms In The Park Sir Terry Wogan said ‘ I Have No Wish for Proms in the Park to be turned in to a political football’.

Sir Terry was responding to a comment put to him by Mr Schofield from former Labour Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell who said she wants to see proms in the park to be a celebration of the union just days before the independence referendum to remind Scots to vote no on the day we take our biggest ever political decision since the dawning of democracy.
Ever the diplomat and professional to the last Sir Terry said I love to see all the flags of all the different nations, whether they be the flag of St George, the Saltaire, the Dragon of Wales, the Irish Tricolour, the Red Hand of Ulster, the flags of France, and Germany, Bosnia and Serbia all flying as part of the occasion and the spirit of fun.
Sir Terry’s dignified reply demonstrated a genuine neutrality on our right to vote on the constitutional future. This was in complete contrast to the patronising and offensive attitude of another self serving Westminster political hack who wants to keep Scotland in the chains of austerity of poverty for the sake of party arithmetic.

Jowell knows as well as anyone how a yes vote could impact on UK Labour, she is painfully aware that should Scotland vote yes she and her colleagues could out of power for a generation and I for one feel her pain. In fact not only I do feel it I am determined to increase it. You see I am if nothing else a democrat and if the remaining United Kingdom wants to elect a Conservative government they should to be entitled to have one. It is however not something I want to share with them. It didn’t want it during the 80’s I don’t want it now, in fact I don’t want it ever again and that is why I will be voting yes and Tessa Jowell doesn’t like it she can indulge herself in thumb sucking petulance for which many unionists particularly British nationalist Labour ones have become famous.

Now I don’t know how the rest of you are viewing the national mood, but I sense the unionists are getting more desperate by the day and I for one can smell the stench of defeat from them. Well if all you have to offer are flags and empty promises we know that you have nothing left to sell. You see Scotland needs and deserves so much more than that and we will not be sold a diet of propaganda from Westminster’s three wise men who seem to think they and their friends have a voice worth listening to. The fact is they don’t they have nothing left to say and a week tomorrow we just let them know that in no uncertain terms.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle XXX


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