We Have To Leave The Family Home And Move On To A Place Of Our Own

Hey everyone. Many people have asked me why as a socialist I support an independent Scotland rather than the retention of the United Kingdom. Indeed many good friends have challenged my beliefs and said that they believe I would be better backing the union. Let me say I can totally understand where they are coming from. Having said that however that does not mean I agree with them. My stance on independence and my reasons for wanting it are I hope honourable ones and they come from a good place.

You see I grew up in a family which contained all shades of political opinion. Therefore I was exposed to all possible arguments from the moment I hit my teens and I wasn’t guided in any one particular direction. That said the majority opinion of the family was to support the Labour Party though this support did not go unquestioned. Let’s just say those who were Labour supporters tended to be on the left and some were active members of both the party and the broader movement. One uncle in particular was a very active and principled trade unionist, this was a man I respected greatly and I was heavily influenced by him during my formative years.

I have to say however my family was nothing if not diverse. Evidence of this can be cited by the fact there were strong working class Conservative voices within the family usually from orange minded uncles and cousins and there were even and this was unusual in a working class family in the to mid to late1970’s very radical Liberals who were not afraid to speak their minds and say that the United Kingdom was perhaps not United as many people thought and needed far more significant surgery than the devolution on offer at the time if it was to survive in the longer term.

My two biggest political influences were however my gran and my dad both of whom were SNP voters but Labour or should I say socialist minded. Yes I think I should. The reason I feel an explanation is necessary is the fact that my gran tended to vote Liberal rather than Labour despite or maybe because of her connection with the Independent Labour Party as she viewed the Liberals as being far more friendly on the national question.

This was also the same for my dad who believed in the fundamental principle as I do that if Scotland continually voted for a different government from the remaining United Kingdom then the idea of that we were one and the same country was a farce. We should he said become independent to make sure we get the government we choose not one chosen for us.
It was he said about democracy and fairness. It was not about hating England but loving Scotland and having the belief that we could do things differently in a way more suited to our needs and priorities.

The unionists will no doubt say that the UK is a family of nations forged in difficult times which has achieved many great things by sticking together. Now you may be surprised at my next comment but I don’t dispute this claim for a single second in fact I actually agree with it. That will no doubt lead good unionist friends such as Caron Lindsay, Chris Young, Marc Sherland, and Sophie Bridger to ask me the perfectly reasonable question
If you agree with the fact we have worked well together in the past why don’t you think the we’ll work well together in the future?

This is a fair and valid question, however my reply to my friends is a simple one which is that circumstances change over time and what have been appropriate for yesterday may not be appropriate for tomorrow. It is my belief that since the United Kingdom was formed as a family of nations it is now to re-examine the family dynamic and our relationships with each other.

To me at least when a member of a family disagrees with all the other members too easily and too often and only wants to accept the rules they make, it is I think time for that family member to leave home and move in to their own accommodation before the fallout becomes too deep to heal.

By doing this and taking responsibility for our own home we will get the credit for our successes but on the flip side of that coin it means we cannot blame our family members for any mess in which we may find ourselves. You can’t blame your brother or sister for throwing up on your carpet when only you were at home on the night in question. This does not mean we cannot still be friends in fact it is quite possible that the friendships and ties of kin will become stronger rather than weaker over time as we each learn to value our own space as well as each other.

This union is in deep trouble because the parents Mr and Mrs Westminster-Britain have not thought of the needs of the children and only ever paid attention to the tallest child. As a result of this the other three children have felt neglected and isolated and there is nothing the parents can do to halt the slow but steady path to progress and independence for Scotland, Wales, and the final unification of a truly sovereign Ireland. It is my dearest dream that this will start with Scotland on the morning of the 19th of September.

History will judge that this was a good family but like all families the time comes when the children move on and eventually leave the parental home. To stay because they fear change would be the wrong decision for everyone and would at the end of the day only lead to the wrong type of union where the politics of grudge and resentment would slowly fester until they destroyed any chance of real unity and bonds of trust forged as they grew together would be shattered in a million little bits or perhaps I should say Brits. This family are decent people and don’t deserve to be abandoned to such a fate.

So it is with hope for the future that I make the plea for them to close the door on the home they once shared. This is a family which has grown up together but no matter how much the Westminster-Britain’s would like to keep them under one roof, they cannot deny the fact that children have reached maturity and deserve to shape their own destiny with a family of their own
It is I believe time for all of them to leave the family home and to move in to a place of their own and build the future best suited to their needs and aspirations.
However as they begin the journey to tomorrow they should remember to one last look round the parental home and make sure as they leave to give the others their new mobile numbers and remember to part as friends.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

One thought on “We Have To Leave The Family Home And Move On To A Place Of Our Own

  1. Hard to believe that anybody in a working class area of Scotland in 2014 would admit to voting Tory.
    Yet a couple of generations back they were there in their thousands.
    Can even remember the Tory Party having an office in Westmuir St.
    Be interesting to see if a Left/Right split happens in Scottish politics post 9/18.
    Some of the right-wing New Labour crowd might be interested in joining up with what’s left of wee Ruth Davidson’s party after the ending of the Union.

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