When The Ghosts Of Real Labour Are Lamenting Your Values The Comrades Have A Problem With The Wrong Kind Of Union

Hey everyone. As the race for the referendum enters its final lap it seems that it’s all getting a bit too much for Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont who and I think it is fair to say this has not enjoyed the best week of her political career.

Booed at an independence debate in the West End of Glasgow in what is usually that last bastion of politeness Oran Mor on Thursday evening, Johann may have thought that she would be on safer ground on Friday Morning when she visited the traditional Labour heartland of Govan. This is an area which should bleed red, this was at one time the workshop of the world. This is an area which should be receptive to the Labour Party message particularly when they are a fellow Glaswegian who represents the neighbouring constituency of Pollok. In other words she should have been on solid ground to promote her unionist message of a stronger Scotland in a stronger United Kingdom. However as she was about to find out nothing could be further from the truth and she was about to get a very nasty surprise.

On her walkabout of an area Johann Lamont knows well, she would no doubt be dismayed that when she was handing out better together leaflets many of the voters chased after her to return the leaflets to her. This is in my opinion an truly amazing development or as Johann may have said this is truly astonishing and trust me it was astonishing. Well who would have thought that within the space of twenty four hours the leader of the Scottish Labour Party would have been booed at a debate in Glasgow then ignored on a visit to her neighbouring constituency.
Just a few short years ago the very idea would have been dismissed as a cross between fanciful and ludicrous. Now it’s happening, the leader of Scottish Labour is being held up not only to account but to ridicule. The ghosts of Keir Hardie, Jimmy Reid, John Wheatley, John McLean, and so many others must be spinning in their graves at the toxic shambles Labour have become under her leadership. This however may be a slightly unfair assessment of her suitability for the job and it could be that a yes vote may be the best thing for her both personally and politically. Well it couldn’t get much worse for her than it is at the at the moment.

However there is one bright spot for Johann namely the lack of potential rivals capable of taking her job. Westminster’s choice as her potential successor would appear to be Anas Sarwar. Now if anyone could make Johann Lamont look good it is the privately educated son of a multi millionaire who postulates and pontificates on poverty, a topic he knows nothing about. To me Anas Sarwar speaking on poverty is about as ludicrous as Tony Blair giving speeches on world peace or Alastair Darling lecturing us on how to best manage our money. The man is a shameless charlatan with no credibility. Yet we are told that this is the man Ed the Red believes will be best suited to lead the Labour Party In Scotland and ride the horse to victory in the Scottish Parliamentary Election of 2016 after what I am sure will be Johann’s carefully constructed demise.

I however have a warning for Ed if you try to parachute Anas Sarwar in to the Scottish Parliament any hope of winning
in 2016 will have been killed stone dead and you may wake up and realise that the catastrophic result you got in 2011 was in fact when compared to the mauling you will have received a brilliant result for the Labour Party.

Sarwar is in my opinion even more toxic than Johann Lamont he is arrogant, slimy and has a tendency to interrupt people before they have been allowed to put their point across. The man is to put it mildly a Tory hack who knowing that they had no chance of winning seats in Scotland decided to throw his lot in with the Labour Party and hope the decent activists would be too blind to notice his entry. This however should not be concerning you Ed. I think you will have enough problems keeping your own job when after losing Scotland and the seats your party has always taken for granted you will have lost another general election. You see you and your comrades have one fatal flaw in your argument to keep Scotland in the UK. This flaw is I believe a very simple one you tell us vote no then vote Labour and all will be fine if we win the next election.

The problem for you Johann or indeed anyone else wearing your party colours is that you cannot guarantee a Labour victory at the next election or any future election come to that. Parliamentary arithmetic dictates that all UK elections are out of Scotland’s hands, therefore we have to be dependent on the goodwill of others to deliver the result we need to get the government we want and I’m sorry if you don’t like what I’m about to tell you but that isn’t good enough anymore. When you are haunted by the ghosts of real Labour who pour scorn on the values of Middle England which you wrap with only the tiniest bits of tartan ribbon and your Scottish leader has voters running to hand back leaflets rather than running to assist her then it appears that the comrades may be reluctant to support you in the unquestioning way they once did.

For Johann Lamont to be run off the streets of Govan an area which has always had strong socialist connections and was once the territory of names like Jimmy Reid, Andy McMahon and Jim Sillars is a major setback for the better together campaign. It appears the natives haven’t just got wrestless they’ve got angry and they are no longer prepared to wrap excuses in the union flag as their ancestors once did.

There is a reason for this. Today’s voters know the truth of this unequal union and are no longer prepared to accept being treated as second class citizens in the country we call home. Note if you will my last sentence, the words were used were very chosen. You see my support for independence has never been about identity politics. It is not about geography, history, and tradition, nor is about flags, banners,and braveheart. It is and will always be about socialism and how Scotland can make a positive contribution to a new internationalism based on the needs of the 21st century rather than those of the more colonial past which many in the UK establishment including hanker for.

Like the Labour greats of the past I believe that ever since Blair first walked in to Downing Street this is a party which has lost it’s soul. Neglecting your core values is not the way forward to the better nation only independence can create. Believe me when I say it a bad day when the ghosts of real Labour are lamenting your values. It is my considered opinion that the real Labour Party would never have betrayed the working class in the way the current champagne socialists do, and that is why I think it is safe to say that more Labour voters are switching from the myth of being better together to saying yes to independence. You see I believe that like me and lots of others the comrades have a problem with the wrong kind of union and realise that independence is the best chance we have of creating fairer more socially just society they and I want to see.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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