The Price Is Too High For A Second Hand Government And We Don’t Want A Westminster Mug

Hey everyone It’s been a busy couple of days on the referendum front and now we’ve reached the business end of the campaign trail it is by far the most exciting campaign I have ever been involved in and I’ve been involved in politics since 1988.

Yesterday I made a brief visit to my local Yes shop and collect materials to distribute to the general public. This included both leaflets and booklets which I gave to voters curious to know how independence would benefit them and their families. I made a visit to the Yes shop In the city centre which as optimism demands is located in Hope Street and armed myself with more badges than an entire company of the girls brigade.

During my visit I asked how much it would cost for a mug. I was told it would cost the princely sum of five pounds. Oh that’s good value I replied we usually have to pay £64,000 a year for use of one and we still can’t get any as we’ve sent them all to Westminster. Needless to say that this one liner got laughs it deserved and I then left to dish out more booklets and leaflets.

Today I put in an early evening shift the city centre next to Queen Street Station when after being stopped by a yes activist for a chat for a couple of minutes on the road back from a health appointment at the other side of the city.

This led to me delivering over 300 leaflets in the space of just under an hour during which I was able to chat to the people who matter most not just in this referendum but always by which I mean the voters of Scotland.

It was when I was engaged in one of these chats I discovered what I had long suspected. This is that whilst the past belongs to better together, the future lies with yes. It was during a chat with one particular women voter that I explained the reason I’m voting Yes. It is I said because we owe it to the people to win them a better country. This I said could not be guaranteed under a Westminster system which left Scotland at the mercy of the home counties voters who will ultimately decide the fate of every UK general election from now till the end of time. This democratic deficit means that though we have some powers devolved to our Parliament at Holyrood. It is all too often the case that the issues that matter to Scotland such as immigration and economic powers are reserved powers which are the preserve of the Westminster Government not our Scottish Government.

This I explained to her, is why Scotland needs to be independent as only then can we take charge of our vast resources and make the best use of them for our country. This is why people like myself are out talking to women like her to find out what their priorities will be in an independent Scotland. I said to her that her views are important to shape the future of our country and that’s why we have teams of unpaid volunteers out every day no matter the weather leafleting, canvassing, chatting, and door knocking and have had for the last two and a half years. Doing this I said built up a climate of trust between our campaign and the voter that Better Together, No Thanks, or whatever there called this week cannot hope to match.

On making my point I asked her to compare our action to the lack of activity on the ground from the no campaign. The woman paused for a moment before saying to her friend ‘ you know the lassie’s got a point where I live in Paisley we’ve had a lot more stuff from Yes than we’ve had from no and that’s why I’m voting for it she said. I smiled and thanked her for her support. Hard work deserves rewards she said and you’ve worked hard.

With a spring in my step I was ready to deliver my next set of leaflets. Maybe it’s because I’m a poet with a quick and ready wit but I’ve always got a handy quip ready when I see someone who may I think be interested in hearing the message of Independence. For example tonight I saw a young couple who were very much in love. On approaching them my body language was both open and positive and I said you two are certainly better together but the same can’t be said about Scotland and Westminster this is a relationship that has run its course and it’s time to move on. The woman wished me well and said I was on the side of right and that we were going to win.
I have to say I liked the women’s optimism and I totally agree with her sentiments. You see I think we are going to win and I think we’ll win well.

On putting this point to my lead canvasser I said that Scotland will win the day for one reason and one reason only and that’s because we are determined to make this country a better country. Overall reaction has been good to me and my style of leafleting seems to go down very well with woman voters as this particular demographic seems to respond warmly to what I hope is my engaging and chatty manner.
If you were to make the fatal mistake of listening the press and media you could be forgiven for thinking that this particular group of voters are amongst the most hostile to a yes vote. This however runs contrary to what I’m finding on the ground. In fact if I am honest about the groups of voters I struggle to connect with most are males at either end of the income bracket in what sociologist’s would label social group’s A and E. This is the very wealthy and very poor both of whom tend for completely different reasons to be socially and culturally conservative. It is these groups in general and the primal alpha males within them in particular who struggle to connect with me or my cause. Women I find are far more open to persuasion.

Anyway with only two weeks till polling day it won’t be long now till Scotland makes our historic choice and I believe that we will vote yes to become our own Independent country. My reason for believing we will make the choice to opt for independence is a simple one. You see unlike the Better Together campaign we don’t talk at the people we talk to them and you know what we think they rather like it. Like us, they don’t want to pay over the odds for the odds for mugs, especially mugs made in Westminster they know the price is too high to buy second hand governments we don’t elect. So it is more important than ever before to make sure that they remember to vote Yes. Then, If all goes to plan in two weeks time Scots will no longer have to pay the price for Westminster mugs ever again.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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