A Mythical Past Is Not The Way Forward So I Fought For A Better Tomorrow

Hey everyone. I have to say that I have read some nonsense from both sides during the last two and a half years. However, I feel I must qualify this by saying never have ever read the amount of smug, sanctimonious, self satisfied claptrap than I have from better together in the past few days. Yes better together really have excelled themselves in the bullshit department ever since being egged on by the Jim Murphy incident.

If you read the mainstream press or listen to the broadcast media you could be forgiven for thinking that the no campaign have the monopoly not only on wisdom but etiquette and good manners. As a yes supporter I find this claim to be not only misleading but also extremely insulting. In 26 years I have always prided myself that I am polite and courteous to my opponents as today’s opponent in one battle may be tomorrow’s comrade in another.

I take very grave offence to anyone who says that one side or other has the monopoly on etiquette and manners. There are many decent people in both campaigns who will work together in areas where we can find agreement to create the better Scotland we seek to build.
This is why I am so angry at the naked opportunism of some in the no campaign who are trying to portray members of the yes campaign as thugs whilst they of course are whiter than white.

To go down the road of demonising your fellow Scots is not intelligent politics in fact I would go as far as to say it is a political suicide note. Those who are being labelled in this way will easily forget what has happened nor will they be in the mood to forgive those who have mistakenly decided to take this route.

It is I think fair to say that of all the mainstream unionist parties it’s the Labour Party who have been by far the most offensive and there is a very good reason for this it is they who have by far the most to lose in terms of electoral arithmetic. I have to say however if Labour’s British loving Westminster Scots think there obnoxious attitudes can win hearts and minds they are I’m afraid very much mistaken. I say this with considerable regret but if Labour ever had a chance of gaining my vote for the first time since the 1983 UK general election they have certainly blown it during this referendum as I have witnessed only too clearly the Anti Scottish attitudes of some of their less intellectually able elected and for that matter unelected representatives. It is my considered opinion that these self obsessed nobodies are only interested in one thing and that is the preservation of their political careers no matter what the cost.

There are of course many decent Labour members who I believe will reap the rewards of being principled pragmatic socialists who were brave enough to stand up for their beliefs even when the Westminster section of the party with the noticeable exceptions of the principled Cathy Jamieson and Katie Clark wanted to abandon all hope and attempted to seduce them into buying in to the culture of greed that is the corrupt Westminster way.

It is high time the expenses express was derailed and the people of Scotland reclaimed our country for the people who live
here. That is why I was out leafleting for radical independence in Glasgow city centre yesterday. To me this campaign is not about flags or any other form of national identity it is about the right of a nation to get the government it wants and not the government a larger neighbour wants to inflict upon it.

I was I have to say heartened to see so many people engaging with the debate with many, of all demographic groups proudly sporting their yes badges and stopping only to give myself and other leafleters a positive word of encouragement. However there is more than a few grains of truth in the saying of my former boss that in to every life a drop of rain must fall and on this occasion the rain came in the form of the vile and vitriolic rantings from the British National Party.

Unable to help themselves, the most poisonous party in politics did the unionist cause no favours with their finger pointing and lecturing style as they gave out leaflets attempting to terrorise the gullible in to voting no. Indeed so forceful were they that were invading the personal space of my good friend Francis Lopez to such an extent I considered to be intimidating and was at one stage genuinely concerned for his safety. Whilst Francis tried to reason with the gentleman concerned the man refused to listen to reason. To say I am not surprised by this is putting it politely, history shows us that no matter how hard you may try you can’t reason with people of this ilk. These people are blatant, blinkered, bigots and this cannot be sugar coated with smiles and union flags. Yet these people have the nerve to defend Jim Murphy and tell us that we were responsible for him cancelling his tour due to mob rule.

This is of course complete bonkers as the real reason Mr Murphy cancelled his tour was like that George Galloway nobody was listening to a single word he says. The gentleman was clearly rattled when he was challenged on his assumption and started to get very aggressive. This exchange from what I could see was the BNP member behaving in a manner which was threatening and abusive whilst Francis kept both his temper and his dignity under the most challenging of circumstances.

Needless to say the gentleman’s wife blinkered I have no doubt by loyalty to her husband did not quite see things in the same way as myself and told me to go in and calm Francis down or she would call the police. I replied that this would be a very silly move and would play right in to our hands. I did however say that I would do as she requested if she did the same with her husband. This seemed to anger her as she said that her husband had done nothing wrong. I answered her by saying let’s both be peacemakers. This was unfortunately an offer which she flatly refused, she even tried a character assassination on Francis saying without any evidence to back it up. I informed the woman that my friend was a good that my friend was a man of good character that such is commitment to helping others that during the miners strike in 1984, Francis who was brought up in a mining community was first to assist his friends and neighbours in whatever way he could. This I said, was a man who fights to empower communities not divide them.

Eventually realising we had far more supporters on the ground and amongst the passers by she her husband, family, and rather dubious friends went on their way. This was I have to say a very great relief as if they had stayed around the atmosphere they may just have to create a very nasty atmosphere. This is after all the one thing they are actually good at. Fortunately however realising they were losing both the debate and the plot they moved on before they embarrassed both themselves to an even greater extent than they already had.

On what was a busy day for the yes campaign the lack of campaigners from what we are told is the real better together. You know the nice version we get drip fed by the press and media. The version where all no voters are decent and kind to fluffy kittens and where yes voters are threatening to smash no voters windows if they dare to put up a poster. The truth is they were nowhere to be seen. My personal belief that rather than campaign they are sitting at their keyboards perpetuating this one sided drivel and the praying that voters will fall for their spin and smears.

The fact is that whilst both sides have undesirable elements in the ranks it does seem that the unionists have their share of nutters. In fact it seems to be those self same nutters the ones whom they would quickly disown in normal circumstances who are their most active supporters with both the Orange Order and UKIP holding rallies in support of their United Kingdom in the final few days of the campaign.

This to me shows the most important problem faced by the unionists. This is the problem they can’t seem to fix which is whilst their MP’s MSP’s councillors and staffers sit bleating all day on facebook and twitter the only voices out campaigning for them yesterday were from either side of the margins. Irrelevant voices who prefer to live in the past rather than face the challenges of the future.

Personally it is I think a very bad day when the only voices prepared to speak on your behalf are from the Communist Party of Great Britain, surely an oxymoron I’ve ever I heard one. the revolutionary party title with the imperial title whose best offer is to take us on a journey back to the 1970’s, and the far right BNP who claim to represent all that is best about Britishness. This claim may actually have true if you lived in the 50’s I refer of course to the 1850’s but you see the problem with the Brits is that they will insist they have moved on. Well to me and thousands of others yesterday they proved that they have not.

Yesterday, in the morning before I left home to do my bit for Scotland I was told during a facebook discussion that the no campaign were nicer people who were better off than the yes voters and just wanted to things the correct way in other words there way and keep the profits of the union to themselves. This to me whether the person who said it realises it or not showed that the average unionist is not motivated to act in Scotland’s interests but is purely motivated by self interest. I think I touched a raw nerve when I mentioned what I believe to be the four unionist horsemen who will ultimately be responsible for it’s demise. The names of these horsemen are UKIP, Britain First, The Loyal Orange Order, and the BNP.

On stating this I was told by a Labour Party hack that the BNP and Britain First barely had a presence in Scotland. Of course living in the real world rather than the bubble the deluded create for themselves I knew this statement was wrong. It is after all only six years ago since the poisoned dwarfs of British politics out polled the Liberal Democrats in the Springburn by-election where they came within a whisker of defeating the Conservatives and to taking third
place. It is therefore both dangerous and delusional to dismiss their presence just because you don’t like say what the say. This is why yes supporters will never be that gullible and will work tirelessly to convince any remaining undecided voters that their best and indeed only hope of a better
Scotland lies with independence.

Yesterday I saw what Britishness really means the horrors of two extremes neither of which I will ever find acceptable. You see I don’t unlike yesterday’s unionist want to live in a mythical past which if it ever did exist was not good enough to survive. Yesterday I fought for a better tomorrow a tomorrow I believe we can win.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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