A Prim And Prissy Little Missy

Hey everyone. A poem about my earliest memories of being trans. It’s titled A Prim And Prissy Little Missy I hope you enjoy the read.

A Prim And Prissy Little Missy

I knew from my earliest memories
I wanted to be a girl
not for the pretty pink dresses
or because I could curl my hair
It was more simple than that
I was nice and boys were rough
they played all dirty and climbed trees
came home with skint knees
I didn’t like that I cried at sad songs
wanted to right all the wrongs of the world
to do this I had to be a girl
boys would solve nothing
just create more problems
women did things men just talked
my gran was the strongest person I knew
a woman with her own views
the undisputed head of the family the boss
mess with her and you would find to your cost this was not wise
she always knew when you were telling lies
and made you owen up to your shame
don’t blame others for your mistakes she said
my face would turn red at the thought
not that I was the worst
but the fear of being caught made me behave
I was never a slave to fashion
I couldn’t be having no sisters made that impossible
I was I suppose prim and prissy
little missy
who played by the rules I was set I tried to forget my dreams
and associate with boys
but when they were around
I didn’t know how to react
my face turned beetroot red
I knew I liked them but was too young to know why
I would come over all shy
and not know what to say
In my head I couldn’t wait
to play the games girls played
I felt safer there
even if my mum would tell me not to be a sissy
as I said I was a prim and prissy little missy

@ Gayle Smith 2014


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