Hanging On

Hey everyone. This poem was inspired by my friend Paula MacNicol who when thinking about suggesting a topic for me asked does it have to be political? I told her that it did not but it is perhaps ironic that having asked this question that she suggested a title which inspired a very political poem in which I present a horror story made in a Dis United Kingdom after a scared and scarred Scotland rejected independence. This I believe will be disturbingly close to the truth should we be careless in our duty on September 18th. I’ve given it the title Hanging On. I hope you find it a challenging and thought provoking read.

Hanging On 

Someone is telling me what to do inflicting their ill balanced point of view
boring me and everyone else
about their favourite topic themselves
I’m too polite so I don’t want to say
will you please bolt just go away
I want to say those words
but I can’t I fear they would bring on an angry rant
then they would start a chorus
as more and more they would bore us
encouraging others to join in the mocking
yes this may sound shocking
yet I must sit here
know my place
they would brand me a disgrace for wanting equality
putting the rights of others
first before personal gain
in this society we are taught
not to complain
our master and their friends
will not approve
they will slowly erode then remove
the hard won freedoms for which we had to fight
they will seduce others to turn right
using the language of warmth
to turn up the heat
and make attitudes colder
we need and deserve
something much better than this
but if we vote against ourselves
this will be our collective reality
It is insanity to pretend it will not
a land left to rot
until there is nothing but vacant space
this will be the disgrace of your making
but those who are left will take the chance to dance
when the puppet master finally cuts the strings
we will sing songs not heard for years
the tears we will cry will be of joy not fear
and we will grow strong
but how long we will we have to wait
If we don’t go on this date
It could be a number of years
before another one arrives
meanwhile many seduced by the lies
we will be abandoned in despair
when you march to the right
nobody cars what’s left
fighters may have to cease firing for a while
but we will have sneers disguised as smiles
ready to puncture the gullible
at the first sign of their panic
at not been given the promised
meanwhile we should remember an imprisoned Mandela
and how whilst in solitary confinement
cast adrift on robyn island
he clung on to his sanity and the belief that truth would prevail
by hanging on to the walls
by the fingernails of freedom

@Gayle Smith 2014


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