The Cruellest Master

Hey everyone. This poem is written on the theme of time
which was selected for me by Margaret Hart. Margaret suggested that we should not let we should do what we will rather than wait for the ‘right circumstances’ as they may never come. In other words even if we live to 100 our time on earth is short so we should make sure we use as a friend rather than let it be our enemy. With this in mind I gave the poem the title The Cruellest Master. I hope you enjoy the read and if there is something you want to do that this poem may inspire you to do it by giving you the kick up the backside you unquestionably need.

The Cruellest Master

Time a cruel master
it can keep you waiting
hanging on a string
as destiny dances
if you do not befriend her
you may never take chances
or risks
the one you wanted to kiss
could be snatched by someone else
all because you were too afraid
wanting to wait for the right moment
a moment which never came
you let destiny leave you
just as you heard her call
listen cinderella you never went to the ball
because you didn’t listen to your heart
now it’s all about regrets
and the chances you should have taken
when you were younger
time deceived you said those days would come again
but they never did arrive
now you survive on nothing but memories
and even they are beginning to fade
with the passing of the years
time is the great seducer
it gives you but one moment
one moment to shine
or an endless stream of tears
to flow all the days of your life
give you fear instead of hope
and a house in the servants quarters
as the master smiles
unable to believe his luck

@ Gayle Smith 2014


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