Pictures For The Album

Hey everyone This is my poem for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. As I take the opportunity to welcome the world to my city, I want to remind our politicians of all parties and colours that this is sporting event and as such should be free from political interference. I have titled the poem Pictures For The Album
to highlight the fact that despite
the disputes between leaders of various nations, sport is as it has always been, a unifying force for the youth of our global family. I hope you enjoy the read

Pictures For The Album

The commonwealth gathers
like an ill fitting family
posing for photographs
to be placed in homes
of those who do not normally speak

cousins and kin will watch the children
compete in the games
each anxious parent
wills theirs to win
well they never did get on
with certain others

charades will be played later
by parents pretending to care
until the one they dislike most
decides to leave the room
the knives will be out
backs will be stabbed
as they retreat
to their usual cliques

watch the dynamics
you’ll see the drama unfold
my bronze is better than your gold
we don’t have as big a family
posturing, scoring points
all part of a game played by grown up’s

oblivious the children make friends
as they play, run, swim
they find out that her or him
from that other land
is really just like them

friendships forged
they promise to keep in touch
their hugs are real
can the same be said of the elders
somehow I’m not sure

eventually the games will end
cracks papered over
the pretence of friendship
smiles and handshakes
then relief
they will not meet again
for four years
when they will pose on the lawn
of another home
and take pictures for the album.

@ Gayle Smith 2014


2 thoughts on “Pictures For The Album

  1. Your right about leaving the politics out of it.
    If you didn’t a few East Enders might ask why the area was left in such a mess for 40 years.
    Or why the bully boys of ATOS were a main sponsor.
    Or why the place is like an armed camp.
    Or why half the workforce is getting paid well zilch whilst the top brass is walking away with a lottery win each.

    Yeh true enough, best not mention politics.

    • Hey Graham I don’t think you’ve totally got where I’m coming from on this issue. I was referring to the fact that I hoped we could leave politics out of the opening ceremony of what is after all a sporting occasion and I wouldn’t their opening memories of Glasgow tainted by political dispute.

      Every point you make is fair and valid and can be raised at other times but last night had to be as neutral as possible and in that respect Alex Salmond or Gordon Mathieson did a good job as ambassadors for our country and for Glasgow in a ceremony which was and I have to say this far less political than London 2012.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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