Why Defenders Of The Faith Are Marching To The Past

Hey everyone At around God knows o’clock my peaceful world was shattered by the strains of the cultural wing of the unionist movement. This merry or if you want to be truthful about it malevolent band of brothers have got about as much in common with culture as I have with Eton, Oxbridge, or the last night of the proms. In other words nothing whatsoever.

However, every year on the first Saturday of July they are allowed the privilege of infecting our streets like a lethal plague of feral rats. With their frightening combination of bowler hats and buckfast the Loyal Orange Order claim to be defenders of the faith but whose faith are they defending? As a protestant, the tradition which they claim to be upholding I’ll tell you straight it certainly isn’t mine.

You see I know my bible and nowhere in that word of God does it tell us to hate our neighbours because they come from a different religious tradition. Yet to me that is all this organisation seem to stand for.
Every year this disparate and some including myself would say desperate collection of individuals gather to celebrate the victory of a Dutch prince over an Anglo-Scottish Catholic king in a battle fought in Ireland over a crown whose seat of power was in London. Yes folks it’s so bizarre you couldn’t make it up. But do you know the saddest thing about it? Well it’s the fact that many of these half-wits treat the Queen like she is somehow a personal friend of their family it would be laughable if it were not so downright ludicrous.

I mean get real here do you honestly believe the queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth honestly gives a damn about these clowns? Of course she doesn’t, she is far too busy counting her coins and feeling pretty pleased with herself that even though the Americans fought a war to get rid of her ancestors they still have enough gullible and deluded souls amongst their number to think that her house is worth taking a picture of.

Anyway, what these fools don’t understand is that the queen and her family are not protestant in the Scottish sense of the word they are Anglican which is essence means they are anglo-catholic. Indeed on his decision to split with the Church of Rome the English king of the time Henry the 8th (yes it pre dates the act of union there was a world before it you know,) declared himself to be Pope Of England. It is knowledge such as this well hidden fact which demonstrates the difference between an educated protestant and an orange supporter.

You see, when Scotland established its new faith it was based on the idea of no one man of god was mightier than any other, and that there would be no one with absolute power there was also the belief that every parish must have a school to teach the children of the parish the ways of the book as well as other essential skills such as reading, writing, and numeracy. So when Scotland went for change we actually had a reformation in our culture and our society. England on the other hand did not, indeed one could say it had no or little more than a change of leader from pope to monarch and a very basic structural revision in which all but the cardinals were retained. So it is I think fair to say these poor deluded souls have an ignorance of history which it has to be said is truly frightening and the unionist cause has been well served by that ignorance.

Not that this matters to them nor does the fact that most of them are living in abject poverty. No as long as they can boast they are better than catholics even those
catholics who earn more money than they will ever see then they can live with that. What sad pathetic little lives they must have desperate to fight yesterday’s battles because they can’t face today and god knows tomorrow frightens them absolutely shitless.

Honestly I don’t understand why people just can’t see through this and realise it really is time to move on. Nor do I understand their fanatical devotion to the union. Most of their ilk claim they are supporting their ‘protestant brothers in Ulster and the rights of the British crown. This despite the fact that most of them have never set foot in Ulster are completely ignorant of the fact it has nine counties and just the partitioned six. As for protecting the crown I think the money we give her government in Westminster ensures that the Her Majesty and family are protected well enough in fact too well for my liking.

To me the simple fact their unionism is born not of love of Britain or Britishness but of hatred of all catholics. The fanatics cry out home rule is rome rule if you so much as dare to suggest that Scotland should be an independent nation. These people if one can call them that, are an absolute disgrace. They are in my opinion a disgrace to our country, a disgrace to their neighbourhood, and a disgrace to the tradition they pretend to be marching for.

This morning on organisation marched on the streets of my city and my nation and claimed to be defenders of the faith. If so I need to ask them why they are marching to the past not forward to the future? Also, I wonder whose faith it was they were defending? One thing I do know speaking as a protestant it was not and will never be mine. How could it be my father never wore a sash. My father was a catholic.
Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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