On American Independence Day A Sad Man Sang A Song Of Sorrow As He Begged The Voters Of Scotland Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Hey everyone I suppose it had to happen that on American Independence Day. It was fate I believe that this was day when UK Prime Minister David Cameron made his biggest gaffe in the Scottish Referendum debate so far. Not to worry I think there could yet be bigger ones to come. You see the Right Honourable head boy made his mistake by getting his U.S history wrong and giving his own bizarre state of the union address saying he wants a big no vote in September’s Independence Referendum.

Now far be it from me to disillusion the Prime Minister a man who has attended the arrogance factories that are Oxford University and Eton. For those who don’t know, Eton is the poshest private school in the land and people who attend it are not used to having their beliefs or assumptions challenged but sometimes you have to face these people head on. I have to say however Mr Cameron is not the type of man used to being refused his requests no matter how unreasonable but this is Scotland’s decision and if, as I believe we will we vote for independence then he’ll just have to accept it whether he wants to or not and take his tantrums out in the corridors of Westminster.

Mr Cameron is nothing if not a drama queen who assisted by the biggest cast of clowns ever assembled outside a circus collectively known as the elected Members of Parliament of The Scottish Branch Of The British Loyal Labour and Unionist Party insist not only are we better together but that ‘our’ by which they actually mean their ‘United Kingdom must be maintained at all costs. Indeed Mr Cameron went as far as to come away with the kind of sentimental, sanctimonious, patronising, drivel that we would expect from self righteous greedy troughers like Gordon Brown, Anas Sarwar, or perhaps the most deluded of them all Lord George Robertson when he said that Scotland leaving the United Kingdom would break his heart. He then insisted that the silent majority of Scots were proud to be British and will vote to save the union.

Now I’m no expert on predicting the future but I’ll the leave the decision to fate and let the Scottish people make our historic decision in whatever way we will. I will however be doing all I can to make sure I do break the heart of a multi millionaire who is who is only interested in what he can get from Scotland rather than what he can contribute to it in terms of its political, economic, social, or cultural growth.

This is a Prime Minister who is so out of touch with reality he actually believes the country aka The United Kingdom really is all in this recession together and the brand would be diminished if Scotland were allowed to leave. Now I hate to break it to the leader of better together which he and only he is, but he seems to have messed up a quote from the greatest American President of all time the legendary John Fitzgerald Kennedy. You see President Kennedy’s quote was ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’, and not the other way round. Mr Cameron who was brought up in an environment where greed isn’t just encouraged but positivity worshipped in the way Christian believers worship God seems however unable to grasp this very simple concept.

This loyal son of Britain is not however someone with whom I can identify. He is not from my working class background where my parents had to work for what we had. No this is a son of privilege, a man of wealth who like his Tory-Lite New Labour predecessors Gordon Brown and Tony Blair does very well out of UK PLC and will fight alongside these shameless charlatans to keep their country for their people. Do not be fooled in to thinking these people give a damn about our country they care only about what can take from it and will see a no vote as licence to do whatever they like.

Patronising platitudes are I believe, a diet fit only for the gullible. Fall for them and you will have been taken in by a buy now pay later scheme in which you will be trapped for a long time to come and trust me you will deserve the lack of interest rates with which you will deservedly be punished for failing to read the terms and conditions of your potential escape clause.

So Scotland under caution I give you these words of warning. if you are tempted to be flattered by the smooth voice of a charmer. Remember be very careful what you wish for you may end up getting it and may it not be as seductive as it first appeared. It is with this in mind I say Scotland be vigilant. This September you will for 15 hours for the first and if you are not careful last time in your history have a chance to cast a vote that actually matters.

This is something which despite the sugar coated lies of unionist politicians you have never been able to do at Westminster elections. You see by voting Yes you will for all time be able to vote for the government you want to see elected no matter it’s political colouring. Vote No and you hand that power to others who do not, have not, and will never share your priorities. That is not their fault. The people in other parts of the United Kingdom are entitled to their views and values just as we are entitled to ours. Whilst it is true to say, that sometimes we may get governments we quite like or at least don’t hate with a passion
staying in the union is a risk and it is a very serious risk that should Scotland step out of line with what I like to call national thinking it is only fair to say that we would be suitably punished for doing so.

You see Scotland is a very different country from the rest of the of the United Kingdom. We have different dreams and David Cameron’s dreams are I suspect a long way from mine. This man is rich beyond our wildest imagination and yet he wants still more. This to me is greed, he says it would break his heart if we voted to leave the United Kingdom, well I’ll tell what breaks my heart. It’s things like Austerity, Child Poverty, Foodbanks, Nuclear Weapons, Lack Of Affordable Social Housing,( It Took An SNP Government to bin Thatcher’s Right To Buy Policy), Illegal Wars, Expenses Scandals, and Paying For A Bunch Of Parasites to swan about in sea of self importance in the so-called House Of Lords. For all those reasons and so many more I will be voting to make sure Mr Cameron’s heart is not only broken but smashed in a million little Brits on the morning of the 19th of September.

I suppose it had to happen, it was on American Independence Day when a sad man sang a song of sorrow when he begged the voters of Scotland don’t go breaking my heart. I think and for Scotland’s sake I pray his heart is not only broken it is crushed beyond repair. For the better Scotland I want to see, the fairer more inclusive country I have fought for all my life. A country where we treat people with the respect they deserve it is essential that it happens and Scotland says no to austerity and yes to a better more compassionate nation.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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