Dangermouse In Designer Suits Won’t Play The Spying Game

Hey everyone As she searches for work my flatmate Janette has received notice on her phone that three organisations are recruiting for new staff and she may be interested applying for them.

Under normal circumstances this should good news or it would be if the jobs on offer were actually realistic. Unfortunately however, only one of them was. Though when I heard the other two I must admit to having a fit of the giggles.

I have to say I think Argos would be a good choice and she should seriously consider applying for that particular vacancy. My reason for saying this is the fact they have plenty of stores in Glasgow/West Of Scotland area. Not only that they are a well known brand and I think she would have reasonable prospects of employment security and maybe even career advancement. The other jobs were however I wee bit far fetched to say the least.

The first of these unrealistic offers came from Harrods. Yes I’m serious Harrods of London. This is a company which as far I am aware has no Scottish stores though you never know it could decide to open one if Scotland ignores the words that David Cameron gave in a script to President Obama and decides to vote Yes to independence. However despite all the difficulties I have to face in coping with her depression I don’t want her running away to London and living it up, dressing in designer gear and going to all the posh nightclubs whilst leaving me potless.

However even Harrods pales into insignificance compared to the last job on the list. Yes folks you have trust me on this one, because unavailable as it sounds Janette was advised of job vacancies in MI5. Personally I am sure that someone had a dyslexic moment and meant to type in M &S well this would tie in nicely with her previous experience in the retail industry but the thought of Janette Marshall super spy is so terrifying it scares me beyond my wildest nightmares.

I don’t know how this organisation made it on to Jinty’s job search but I do know Janette has no previous experience in the spy trade except perhaps for a lifetime of watching detective programmes from Dangermouse and Hong Kong Phooey, to Colombo and NCIS. Quite how this qualifies her with enough knowledge to work for British Intelligence I do not actually know and to quote the words of Toyah Wilcox ‘it’s a mystery’.

Yes I know that this might sound like a scene from a fantasy movie but the frightening thing is that it is actually true. To say this worries me would I think be an understatement Janette deserves a job she can do in a comfortable working environment. Somehow I don’t think that serving the rich or a career in espionage would be up her street. Somehow I don’t think the Janette Marshall I know would want the role as Dangermouse in designer suits, nor do I believe she would want to play the spying game.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle XXX


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