When Unionists Play The Identity Game The Result Is Defeat By Own Goals

Hey  everyone I have a confession to make. Well it’s not so a confession as a startling and quite shocking revelation. You see the more I see of UKIP’S  Scottish Member of the European Parliament the more actually like him. However, before Mr Coburn gets too excited about the idea of winning a convert for Better Together from the hated Yes Scotland enemy I should perhaps warn him and any of his Labour Party running mates that my reason for liking him may not be quite as nice as he or they would like to think.

You see it has occurred to me that the election of this fool and his colleagues in England and Wales, that, far from making the case for independence may make it considerably easier than would have been the case had a respected Liberal Democrat like George Lyon been  re-elected to continue the work he was doing.  
Also, it has not escaped my attention that he and his party have threatened not to recognise an Independent Scotland in the result of a yes vote if that is expressed wish of our people in September’s referendum. This to me is nothing short of complete and total insanity. This is especially true since both the Yes Scotland and Better Together have agree that the result should be  legally and constitutionally and binding for a generation. For those who are unsure of what a generation constitutes I believe the time-scale to be around 20 years.

I have to say Mr Coburn’s rather strident attitude on this issue concerns me deeply and I am worried that like the Loyal Orange Order, UKIP may encourage civil  unrest or worse to try and force Scotland to accept  the colonial status it has at present. This idea has to me shown total disregard for democracy and complete contempt for the people of Scotland What really worries me however, is the fact that Mr Coburn believes he can win support from the Labour Party and I fear he may be right .  

Evidence for my concern comes from none other Labour’s ultra loyalist leader Johann Lamont her recent speech says that Scotland now has 3 Nationalist MEP’S.  Yes Johann but only 2 of them are working for Scotland and in the interests of the people of Scotland, they are members of the SNP the party which topped the poll in Scotland just in case you hadn’t noticed. The other is a fervent and fanatical British nationalist working against Scotland on behalf of the United Kingdom Independence Party and they are prepared to use your unionist beliefs in their vain but ultimately deluded quest to deny the people of Scotland our right to decide how we are governed. 

In the same speech, Ms Lamont went on to say that our First Minister had much in common with UKIP leader Nigel Farage. This deranged statement would be laughable if weren’t so ludicrous. It is however no accident that since Ms Lamont became leader of her party the orange vote normally the last bastion of working class Conservatism has been stacking up for Labour. It appears to me Ms Lamont is completely is the ideal example of a fish out of water and god help us if she ever became leader of our nation with her current mindset as I believe she would incapable of using the real power that would bestow upon her in the best interests of Scotland.

Indeed, I think it would be wise of Ms Lamont to remember that the next time she goes swimming she should perhaps stick to the shallow end of the pool, god knows she has certainly done it with regards to her politics. This is something she has in common with her new best pal Mr Coburn who as he is rapidly proving is not the most astute member of the political village.

That said however Ms Lamont has time to alter her current values and go to back to her real Labour roots as I am sure she would be leader of the newly reformed Scottish Labour Party in the early days of a post independent Scotland. I have to say that she did make one very interesting point in that post European Election speech saying that Scotland needs to reject the politics of identity and embrace the politics of ideas. As a socialist I find it difficult if not impossible to argue against that point, however Ms Lamont seems to conveniently forget one thing. The only people in the independence debate who are relying on identity politics are the unionists and better together and the only nationalism I’m hearing is British nationalism. After all who was it who made the comment which should have been unthinkable for any Labour Party leader you know British Jobs for British Workers? Was it Alex Salmond? No it wasn’t. Was it David Cameron? No it wasn’t. It was that self proclaimed socialist Gordon Brown. Well let’s be honest, Gordon would have to tell us he was he was a socialist because if anyone else said it they would put in a long stay hospital for the terminally deluded. This has to go down as the least believable comment ever made since Chamberlain arrived home from Munich proclaiming peace in our time.
You know, talking of famous comments from political history I often think back to those quotes and speeches I’ve heard which made me to want to change the world or at least do the best I can to give it a damn good try. The quotes that come to mind are those such as that great line from former U.S President John F Kennedy. ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’ and that brilliant quote former American first lady Eleanor Roosevelt who said ‘no-one can make feel inferior without your consent’. These are truly inspirational quotes which made me believe in the possibility of a better world but to get the best world possible you need the best people to be in position of public service especially political office. This is particularly true in the aftermath of the expenses scandal and no we are not all the same the blame for this scandal must be laid at Westminster’s door and nowhere else there and only there is where it belongs. An Independent Scotland is not going carry on the practices of Westminster with an Edinburgh postcode, this is the chance to do things differently and it is a chance we must take without delay. If we do not seize this golden opportunity we will pay a very heavy price for years or even decades to come.

It must be said however, there are times in life when those aspiring to political office, and to be trusted with the power and responsibility of that office would be well advised to remember the words of wisdom our mother’s always taught us ‘it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove any doubt’. Both Mr Coburn and Ms Lamont are amongst those who in my considered opinion would very wise to heed this advice.

However I have to say I am not persuaded that either of them will listen to these well chosen words or any other words for that matter. Instead I fear they will continue to prattle on about how much they dislike the two names that may yet come back to haunt them Alex Salmond and Johnny Foreigner. No doubt Ms Lamont will adopt that gentle voice which makes her seem so patronising as she tells the voters of Scotland we’re better together because we just are. Whilst Mr Coburn will bleat on and on about the dangers of Johnny Foreigner and tell us that something needs to be done to stop them taking over Britain and killing our identity. Both of them will give it the usual well worn clichés ‘united we stand divided we fall’ we’re abandoning our friends and families and every other phrase which they believe will capture the votes of the gullible and those of low intelligence.

The first of these examples is enough to make anyone cringe. It implies the threat of attack or invasion but when potential unionist masterminds are asked who is going to attack or invade a small peaceful country they are unable to come up with an answer. Perhaps the reason they fail on this issue is the same reason they fail on every other, namely because they are being more than just a wee bit economical with the truth.

As for the nonsense of the abandoning our families narrative better together are fond of using it’s time this was put to bed once for all. No doubt Mr Coburn and Ms Lamont will be going in to overkill on this as we approach the final leg of the journey to decision day, however it has a capacity to backfire big time on them as people start to view to this anglo-centric drivel and instead of falling the unionist trap door marked sentiment we will ask ourselves a very important question and that question will be

Why are the Unionists claiming we will be foreigners to our friends and family in the Remaining United Kingdom whilst they never use the word when talking about relatives living in Canada Australia or New Zealand or for that matter any other nation on earth, even though they were born in or have taken out the citizenship of that country?

Our people not being as daft the unionists would like to think, will then come to realise that their reason for using such inflammatory language is simple. Our independence would rob these people who see politics as a salaried career rather than the lifetime vocation it should be of their most precious assets and I can tell you now British citizenship is not one of them.

The assets I’m thinking of are as follows

(1) A seat at Westminster
(2) A salary which pays too much for too little work
(3) A place on the expenses gravy train
(4) A seat in that well known retirement home aka The House of Lords
(5) A title so they can swan about pretending to be important and have delusions of relevance

Once people are made aware of this there is no turning back. The United Kingdom was never meant to help the ordinary voter. It is distant and remote and run by a privileged elite who are determined to hang on to power no matter the cost to anyone else. That and only that is the reason for the your relatives will be foreigners routine.

There is no doubt many decent people on both sides of this debate will be appalled at UKIP’s apparent success at the European Elections in Scotland. It does however focus the mind on the fact that we cannot ignore the threat of racism or other forms of prejudice supported by those on the lunatic fringe of unionism especially now it has a platform in the shape of David Coburn a man elected to represent people in a parliament he wished didn’t exist thanks to the sterling efforts of the right wing press and the BBC. Now within days of his election he threatens not to recognise to the legitimate democratic wishes of the Scottish people should we vote in a way he doesn’t like.

Despite this however, I am not worried . You see David Coburn may yet turn out to be the ace in the Yes Scotland pack. Why? well this a unionist campaign which far from embracing ideas is running out for them and it’s running out fast. It is also running out of time. It is perhaps ironic that Johann Lamont is so quick to dismiss the idea of identity as she may yet find to her cost that having allies like Nigel Farage and more importantly the unreconstructed Scottish version of him in David Coburn promoting a xenophobic right wing version of unionism it undermines what remains of better together’s fading credibility and means that when unionists play the identity game the result is defeat by own goals and team UK may come to realise that Britishness which is and always has been the most fragile identity of all may lie broken in the graveyard of history at the dawn of the 19th of September. I for one certainly hope so.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle XXX


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