In Every Sport I’m Backing Blue But For Some Heroic Failure Would Be Better Than Success

Hey everyone It’s official it won’t be long now till commonwealth games kick off in Glasgow in just over a month’s time. Today whilst on my way from Baillieston to the city centre I saw the first real evidence of this when I noticed there was a commonwealth games stall in the Buchanan Galleries. Naturally being a very chatty woman few who know me would deny this I stopped to have a chat with the girls at the stall.

These friendly and polite young women said they had high hopes for Scotland doing well in the medals as many athletes would give the performance of their lives in front of the home crowd who would be there to support them as all of Scotland would be cheering them on to success.

I said that whilst I would like this to be true and believed that most of the nation would get behind
Team Scotland which an expression I totally loathe I was far less sure that the they would have the support of the entire nation.

You see I don’t believe even for a minute that all sections of better together will be wishing Scotland too much success in Glasgow 2014. The reason is that though they will have their own pet competitors who are supporters or members of their particular party, it is my belief that better together cannot afford Scotland to be too successful they are desperate for heroic failure stories as success breeds confidence and could have a hugely beneficial bounce amongst the undecided voters and that bounce will be in favour of yes.

You see and I put this suggestion out there, better together cannot afford a confident Scotland especially in the run up to the referendum. Believe me if the feel good factor goes Scotland’s way Westminster’s servants are toast and they know it. Well the idea of Scotland being successful would destroy them, the entire reason for their existence is summed up in one sentence Keep Scotland British by whatever means we must These people exist to talk Scotland down and they do so at every chance they get.

On stating this information I was expecting to be challenged or told I was wrong, instead of which I was told I had in fact raised a very good point. This I have to say was made all the sweeter by the fact, the girl who endorsed my viewpoint was actually English.

I had of course provided evidence to support my statement by saying that in the Mid 1990’s I was told by a relative of a unionist politician they he wanted Scotland to lose the rugby union grand slam decider against England as too much success for Scotland would be bad for the future of Britain. Well he got his wish and you know I don’t think for a minute he was the only one.

I remember later on that same year many so-called Scots supporting England in a match at the 1996 European Championships against their own country. Included in this gallery of rogues which shames these individual as spineless is one Gordon Brown MP for Kirkcaldy which the last time I checked
was in Scotland though the least competent Prime Minister the Dis United Kingdom has ever had insists that it is located in a mythical land I am unable to find in any atlas called North Britain.

Brown is often used by those who are completely clueless on political matters as the perfect example of how Scots can rise to the top within the union. This is fine if you aspire only to mediocrity and are prepared to abandon both your country and principles to do it. I have to say that Brown, abandoned both Scotland and Socialism a long time ago to make sure he would climb the greasy pole at Westminster. It is my opinion he and people like him have absolutely no shame and though they will keep their support for other countries hidden in their own homes I have no doubt whatsoever they will do it. Some of course will be able to keep up the mask of pretence but most of those outside political circles will let the mask slip and be exposed for what they are.

Believe me when I say the career unionist is in most causes astute enough to keep their prejudice hidden but the less erudite members of their collection have never been able
hide their hatred for the land of their birth. It is my belief that these sad individuals are too pathetic even to be worthy of contempt and will try to ruin a tremendous sporting and cultural occasion for our city, our country, and our people.

In just over a month’s time the commonwealth games will come to Glasgow and I for one will be backing blue in every sport. I am not a glory hunter nor will I ever be because the banner means much more to me than medals but Scotland be vigilant there are medal thieves out there who would gladly support another country any other country and they have a price but hopefully we will show them the inescapable truth. You can’t buy gold medals for 30 pieces of silver but for some heroic failure would be better than success.

Love And Best Wishes


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