The Secret Smiles Of A Mother Hen Are Part Of A Plan For My Life ( A Night At The Prizegiving Service For The 95th Girls Brigade Company)

Hey everyone Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending my local church for our Girls Brigade prize giving service and I have to say that the girls of the 95th company did their family, friends, and leaders proud.

The theme of the service was the Commonwealth Games and it started with the girls parading the flags of every competing nation or territory who will be taking part in this summer’s games.

The girls sang the Glasgow games song including a verse in Gaelic before we as the guests and visitors joined with them in singing our country’s anthem of choice at the games. I don’t know why but every time I hear it I think of the parody version by Citizen Smart which in my opinion is not only far more upbeat but would make a better national anthem.

As the prize giving got under way it was the explorers who were first to come up follow by the juniors and brigaders. During an excellent presentation the girls told the story of how they were put in to four sections for their badge work and each section was given the name of a commonwealth country. The four countries they were named after were Canada, Jamaica, Australia, and New Zealand.

In what seemed like a very busy session the girls informed the gathering that they had put together a commonwealth cookbook, helped through a toilet twinning project to provide six toilets for a village in Sierra Leone where not only would they provide clean facilities where people will be able to what they need behind the privacy of a locked door they also made sure that all six toilets had ample supplies of toilet paper as previous to this they had been using leaves to clean themselves. This is something which would be unthinkable in Scotland and the girls should be proud of their humanitarian efforts to help others who are in less developed lands than ours.
We were also told about the girls sporting activities undertaken part of their physical badge work the learned wheelchair bowls and curling and cricket. Through these sports which are popular in some commonwealth countries the girls not only had fun but improved their team working skills. They also us of the great time they had at Girls Brigade camp at Lochranza on the Isle of Arran. So as you can see they had a very busy and by the sound of it a very enjoyable year.
As always happens to someone with a far softer heart than she would like to admit there were some tear jerking moments during the ceremony. This was particularly true when one girl had to hobble up to the stage on crutches to collect her many prizes. I have to say however there were also lump in the throat moments when three girls went up to receive their girls brigade broaches as the first step on the path to leadership and when the company were singing the faith based songs my forever friend and part of a plan.
These songs stress the importance of faith in the lives of brigaders as the ceremony ended with the traditional girls brigade hymn we made our way through to the main hall to for coffee and treats.

It was during this social time I made sure I congratulated those girls I know well who are regular attenders at St Andrew’s and it was brilliant to see such happy faces with smiles beaming so brightly I’m sure you have could seen them if you had been on a trip to the moon.

As I had a cup of coffee and stuffed my face with more cake than is good for me, I was chatting to some of the mothers who had family in the brigade
and one of them asked me if I had a daughter in the company. Unfortunately not I replied I’m just here to support of some of girls I know through the church. Allowing myself a secret smile, I said my goodbyes and thought of my friends Laura Jane Wilkie, and Rachel Sermanni who always say I fuss over them like a mother hen. I have to admit that no matter how hard I try to deny this it is in fact true and proves beyond all doubt that had I indeed been lucky enough to be a mother of girls it is nights like these which would make me proud of my daughters and their friends.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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