I Worry When A Character Doesn’t Stick To The Script

Hey everyone It is now almost 7o’clock in the evening and I am out of my mind with worry for the safety of my flatmate Janette Marshall. Janette is 5ft 1 inch tall, has strawberry blonde hair, and has serious issues with depression. My last known contact with her was this afternoon at 12.27 when she phoned my mobile  from her mother’s home  phone to inform me that she was planning to leave her mother’s and return home.

On hearing this news I had expected to see her at around 3.30. pm, I always try to take in to account any other business she may have to conduct before coming home before trying to set what i think is or maybe an appropriate  time-scale for her expected arrival . I do this by factoring in issues such as banking and possibly. shopping at local businesses or supermarkets which we do according to our need.

It was around 3.25 that I first started to panic and despite checks with our friends and acquaintances in the local business community there has been no reported sightings. This is extremely worrying for me, as Janette is a kind and generous flatmate and friend who has always supported me when times were hard and stayed with me during the difficult says leading up to my gender reassignment when others could have walked away and indeed some did make the choice to do so. Make no mistake this is a topic on which i do not write lightly, i am worried for my flatmate’s future well being and feel that  as a political activist both within the Scottish National Party and the broader Yes Campaign that greater importance needs to be attached the mental and emotional well being of our nation and I am sure that my friends across all  parties and both campaigns in this referendum  will agree that when it comes to health issues  mental health issues is still viewed by many in the medical profession as the Cinderella subject which unlike the character in the story does not have a wealthy Prince Charming to support it or champion the cause.

So I  worry about Janette just as I know that she that worries me about me when i am enjoying the highly active social life i tend to have whether it be campaigning for a cause i believe or attending or indeed comparing a poetry event. You see in a real friendship worry is a two way street and that is exactly as it should be but I am concerned for her,because unlike the stars of the shows she watches where the actors and actresses have very definite roles and stick to a well written script, this is completely out of character and at a time when she should be watching Emmerdale which is one her favourite TV programme she is still nowhere to be seen. This is totally unlike her and i am now growing more concerned by the minute. Hopefully, all will end well but when hope is all you have rather than the certainly of belief you are hanging on by the thinnest of threads and believe me i worry my thread of hope may just be ready to snap. Well as someone who done a wee bit of acting in the past I know how much directors worry when a character doesn’t stick to the script

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle XXX


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