A Visit To This Island Won’t Sell You Down The River

Hey everyone. After a good day’s poetry I decided to go the Parkhead Forge to do a bit of window shopping and look at the new outfits I’d like to buy and can’t afford. Yes it’s true I love window shopping. Well if there’s a way to dement myself trust me I’ll find it and window shopping is right up there when it comes to giving me that cocktail of emotions which comes between euphoria at seeing such beautiful outfits and the depression of not being able to afford them.

Anyway, regardless of the consequences this was something I was determined to do. This led me to River Island which has always been always been one of my favourite shops to have a look at their summer collection and believe me girls there are more than a few bargains to be had.

Pastel colours are always in fashion at this time of year, and this year is no exception with plenty of oranges, pinks, turquoises, and yellows to be seen amongst this summer’s collection.

I particularly liked an orange dress which may sit just below the knee. Stylish and classy this screams summer and picnics in the park. Team it up with fake tan or nude coloured tights and you’ve got a perfect summer outfit and if you have a black, cream, or gold bag with matching shoes so much the better for your look.

As a University honours graduate it has not escaped my notice that we are currently at the height of exam season. This is the most stressful part of the year so every girl needs a pick me up and a bit of retail therapy is always a good idea at this time. This is especially true if you can find something on the sale rail. That’s one of the things I like about River Island there is almost always a sale rail and yesterday’s bargain was a denim pencil skirt which sits just on the knee and can be teamed up with anything to make it the ideal skirt for all seasons. I have to say I like the versatility of this item and believe that every girl should have one.

Like the denim skirt the little black dress is another wardrobe staple which never goes out of fashion and River Island had one which would great for those still young enough to go the dancing more regularly than this early fifty something can manage. With waver thin straps this dress which was almost but not quite micro mini may not work for me but would look sensational on those teens and twenty something who nature has blessed with a slim figure and legs to die for especially when teamed up with a pair of killer heels.

Having talked about the exam season there is as I know a reward at the end of that there rainbow for those at the end of their degrees and that of course is the graduation ball. Now before we start thinking about hunky guys in dinner suits or even better, kilts a woman must compose herself and choose her own outfit before dreaming of anything else.

With this in mind I saw a cracking dress cream and black maxi dress which truly is the epitome of style, and sophistication. This is ideal formal wear for an important gathering and if truth be told not too dissimilar to one I have in the wardrobe which I need to lose weight to fit in to. Though classy I am acutely aware that at 5 ft 1 I am a wee bit on the short side for a maxi dress. However this is great look for those who have the height to carry it off.

You know I can’t help but think that I had I been transitioned at the time of my own graduation I would have loved to worn this dress or the orange one I mentioned earlier. However with me be being me if I had been buying my graduation dress yesterday with both my parents here to see me wear it I would probably I have brought a lovely classic gray knee length number teamed with nude tights just to please my mother. An LBD or a wine coloured outfit would have been fine for the graduation ball but as for the graduation itself, well I think it’s safe to say that would have been a completely different matter.

With lots of floral and tropical prints in season you can’t help but feel that this is a season to confident, vibrant and a little bit daring. Well it will help to get us the holiday mood. This is also a season to combine colours I always find yellow and black a good choice and not just its the colour of my political party but because I think they work well together. Pink and denim is also a good look. Personally I would always select a lighter coloured top and a darker coloured skirt. That however is just a matter of individual taste and as I know only too well one size or style doesn’t fit all.

As for other accessories I loved some of the new season bags and purses and there was a sky blue which was particularly appealing to my eye and orange purse which just screamed buy me. As with clothes, there are bags for all different occasions. Now I know some women love the minimalist look with little clutch bags which have room for only for money, house keys, lipstick, and phone. Personally however I have to say these bags are not my style. I think its because they too easy to misplace. If I’m honest I prefer my bags to have enough room for all my necessities and a few added extras which may not be necessary but are always handy to have as emergencies. In other words my bag needs to be like a house with zip compartments and have room not only for the list I provided earlier but I also for clean lingerie, and hosiery, hand creams, purse, diaries, make up bag, women’s stuff and other personal belongings.

Luckily River Island have bags to suit all preferences in a range of colours though classic black never goes out of fashion and can work with anything. Honestly I was only in the shop for about 20 to 25 minutes and I could go on for hours about what I saw and why you should get down to nearest store and see for yourselves what’s on offer. I conclude however by saying only this that no matter your age, shape, size, or style, this is a treasure trove where you can find something to make you smile and a visit to this island won’t sell you down the river.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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