Warning Signs

Hey everyone You know one of the great joys of being a poet is finding a poem you knew you had written but thought you had lost. Yesterday during a spring clean of my secret hideout it where a writers keeps all of our old news paper articles and a stash of old magazines which we always say will eventually inspire us providing we don’t put a deadline on when eventually is, that I came across this poem I wrote back in 2008. The poem is titled Warning Signs and reveals the true force of the power of mother nature. I hope you enjoy the read.

Warning Signs

Fishermen say it’s a warning
a predictor of storms on the way
a mackerel sky so named
because the white clouds set against the blue sky
look like the shape of the mackerel
Is according to sea farers
an invitation to baton down the hatches
wrap up stay safe and secure
till the gathering storms pass
don’t venture too soon it will not be good
sometimes you should take notice of the warnings given
by those who know the sea
at its cruellest and harshest
when the winds bite right through your plans
you must understand that nature
can on occasions be
an unforgiving mother
to any errant child
snapping them
like a twig from a tree
to demonstrate her awesome power
yet at her finest there is no power more than giving
filled with all you dared to dream of and more
but tonight she is saying watch
or you’ll be washed ashore
stranded by decisions of your own making
as you mistakenly believed
you could outwit her
how wrong could you be
this is a warning not to try
wrap up warm stay in your comfort zone
in the shelter of your bed
this is not your moment
this is not your day to seize
risk it now and cold fronts lie ahead
fishermen say it is a predictor of storms
listen do not defy the wise words
of those who know
the deep dark secrets
the warning signs of a mackerel sky.

@ Gayle Smith 2014


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