A Fighting Fit First Minister Is Par For The Course For Scotland As Salmond Takes As Leap Of Faith By Addressing His Weighty Concerns

Hey everyone As we approach an important signpost on the road to referendum it occurs to me that we are seeing a lot less our country’s First Minister Alex Salmond. I don’t mean in our parliament or in news where the unionists continual obsession with him is very helpful to the cause of independence and very damaging to their mental health. No I mean we are seeing less of him in  a physical capacity due to the fact that the First Minster has lost over two stone.

I first noticed this on rge day of the march and rally for independence when the new slimmed down version of the first minister was introduced to cheering crowds by his deputy Nicola Sturgeon who told the 30,000 crowd that the first minister had something in common with Beyonce i think  i should add that it is not the fact he has the singing voice to become her male equivelent  and make million selling records by the barrowload but instead it was something which gave her food for thought in quest to lose weight and so he decided to try her 5-2 diet, The result is a fighting fit first minister who now spends more time on the golf course and less in the curry houses. This can only be good for both his health and that of our nation and our people

In an exclusive interview with Scottish Sun columnist Matt Bendoris  the  First Minister in the interests of transparency gave full access to his food diaries and talked frankly of his twin addictions of curries and chocolate ginger biscuits had been downfall when it came to putting on the pounds and how a chat with the retiring govenor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King was his inspiration to start his health kick   The article filled with masterful catchphrases such as thindependence, referentum , faty to natty, and my personal favourite nat boy slim showcase not only the talent of clever journalist who is very talented at wordplay but also the importance of good health

I also like the fact that there is input a health there is input a medical professional who saus that that Mr Salmond is doing well there are improvements which he can make to the shed even more weight he feel he needs to It is good that he is drinking more water, eating a more balanced diet and has dramatically reduced the amount of curries he consumes and reduced his salt and sugar intake preferring to take fruit with his porridge these day. The result of this he says is surprisingly tasty. Well personally i don’t do porridge but have taken fruit with my cereal for a number of years and it definitely does have beneficial effects providing of course i can afford it. The First Minister however has no such excuse and in one potential warning to him the doctor recommends that he should increase his fruit intake.

The fact that Mr Salmond can now fit in to suits he bought 12 years inspires me to believe that i did actually make the right decision not to throw out some of my favourite dresses which at the moment i am unable to fit or even squeeze in to. Now don’t get me wrong, unlike the First Minister and leader of my party i will not be going on the 5-2 Diet as juat as in clothes one style does not suit all i prefer more traditional methods of weight loss and am pleased to report that slow but steady progress is being made. One thing i know i need to do is cut down my snacking and giving up chocolate and crisps for lent will certainly have helped the important thing is not to be tempted to over over indulge on them after the Easter weekend.

So there you have it our despite opposition claims to the contrary our First Minister does listen to advice. This is especially true when the words of wisdom come from someone who knows what they are talking about and despite the fact he readily admits he likes his food he knew he had to something about the ever increasing pounds When in all honestly was the last time any UK Chancellor of the Exchequer could say that His weight loss has noticed in the corridors of power and he aims to lose another stone by the time of September’s vote on Independence With his reputation for winning when it matters i certainly wouldn’t put it past to achieve his goal and show that whilst he may be a political heavyweight in intellectual terms i think it is fair to say that a fighting fit First Minister is par for the course for Scotland as Salmond takes a leap of faith by addressing his weighty concerns.

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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