Oh What A Lovely Excuse For A War We Must Start A Search For An Enemy

Hey everyone I surely can’t be the only one who has in recent weeks noticed a rather alarming trend amongst those better together types. As they realise they are heading for a crushing defeat in our independence referendum they are talking up the possibility of the one thing they think can save them and their United Kingdom and that is war.

By war I mean not the anniversary of the First World War which started 100 years ago and which in a mass and in my view inappropriate Brit fest of union jackanory they plan to celebrate though the official word they use is commemorate later on this year. Nor do I mean the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War. No what is getting them so excited is the possibility of a Third World War. Indeed I would venture to suggest that some in Brit Nat high command are positively salivating at the prospect of it especially those who know they will never have to fight.

So why are they getting so excited? Well there are a few outstanding issues in the Arab world but the Arab world has had unresolved issues since long before I was born and the so-called developed nations of the west haven’t really given a flying fish supper at least not when they’ve been internal issues and Israel hasn’t been involved. There is however one major difference this time. You see now more than ever the west needs ‘friendly’ by which I mean compliant governments who will cut them a share of their country’s oil reserves. That could and my view does go a long way to explaining why the British government are taking so much interest in Syria a country they once despised.

Much more interesting however is the potential expansionist tendencies of the Russian government under Vladimir Putin and their recent illegal wanderings into neighbouring Ukraine seizing part of that nations sovereign territory and annexing Crimea to Russia. Whilst some on the left are gullible enough to believe this is the legitimate and democratic assertion of the will of the Crimean people, others who have actually studied the politics of the old Soviet Union know this was the result of a deliberate policy of Russification. This policy was common in all Soviet Republics in order to make sure the colonies were kept in good order. Therefore the recent developments in Ukraine should come as no real surprise to anyone and outraged Ukrainians are far from happy and if this is allowed to continue the Russian expansion will not stop at the Ukrainian border. In fact last night I even read on line that Russia wants to reclaim Finland as part of their expansionist plans and this comes from a respected source. Whilst this problem coupled with the human rights abuses against the LGBT
community would be enough to send the sane amongst us in to a fit of panic at the prospect of the world going in to a global conflict we can well do without
it seems that some in better together can’t wait to get this horror show on the road and in Russia they may just have found the ‘enemy’ they’ve been looking for.

It was my late dad who once said the Russians won’t be happy till they controlled all their former colonies again. That is the way of expansionist nations he told me. The likes of Russia and Britain are far too big for their boots and need to be completely shredded for the safety and survival of humanity. Yes the Russian wing of Better Together are up to the type of sleazy sinful tricks that amongst democratic nations I would normally associate only with Westminster. Well let’s be honest they probably got their inspiration from the blatantly sectarian partition of Ulster in 1921.

So whilst Britain makes noises about economic sanctions it seems the sleeping bear has awoken from its slumbers and quite fancies reasserting itself on the global stage. This means making enemies as well as friends and what excites the British establishment is that by being one of Russia’s enemies they can some send boys and girls off on their travels and give them a chance to play soldiers. This will be a game if it is allowed to be played from which many boys and girls will never be able to return except in coffins draped in the union flag.

Not that this will matter to a collection cruel, callous, cold-hearted sociopaths whose only concern is personal gain and boy do they stand to gain a lot from a war as we can see by carefully and closely examining the facts as I view them.

The first fact is that whilst at Britain could get away with a number of things which in peacetime would quite frankly to infantile immoral and more likely than not illegal. Whilst at war it is fair to say that there would be the suspension of all normal political activity.

The second fact is that this would mean the scrapping of Scotland’s democratic right to hold our referendum as the British government would no doubt declare it as unpatriotic. The Scottish Parliament would be suspended and Britain would return to London rule with Westminster’s voice being the only one allowed to be heard as parliament formed a government
of ‘national unity’

Now we move to the Third fact Having achieved this blanket of national unity with which to cover the nation. it is my carefully considered opinion that during this period they would then do a land grab which would go almost unnoticed in which they would seize further control of our resources such as oil and renewable energy supplies which would be claimed to be used in defence of the realm. However I would be far more concerned at the fact that is always the case Scottish lives would be a far greater risk than those in other parts of the UK as it Scotland which is ‘home’ to the Trident Missile and should an enemy launch an attack on the UK it would be two and a half million Scottish residents who would pay the ultimate price.

Would Westminster be worried about this? Somehow I doubt it, after all it would gained a far more than it would have lost. It would have gained a compliant Scotland for the union which it at one time looked certain to lose.
It would have gained a people completely broken and decimated too weak to contemplate independence and with troublesome parliaments now closed and Westminster once more reigning supremely over our contented country a green and pleasant land would once more be the pride of those who could afford it. As for our referendum it would never take place as momentum would lost and it end up being shelved indefinitely just as was the cass for the Home Rule Scotland Bill of 1914. The result of this would see Scotland lost in the political wilderness for a century at least and possibly even for good.

If this sounds like your worst nightmare then that’s because it should be, but make no mistake this is Gordon Brown and Nigel Farage’s wet dream. For years now this is what they and many others in the British establishment have secretly fantasised about. The United Kingdom has been in decline for decades and is unlikely to improve it’s fortunes any time soon. Especially as I strongly suspect it will Scotland votes to leave in September taking our revenues with us. That is why the no campaign are talking up the possibility of war. It is the final throw of the dice for a corrupt discredited campaign which has run out of energy and ideas and know they are going to be on the wrong side of history. The only hope they have is some sort of global catastrophe coming to rescue them before the date of the referendum uniting all corners of the kingdom in one common purpose. Now far be it from me to dishearten them by dismantling their illusions but somehow despite the prayers of the dammed I just can’t see it happening.

I conclude by remembering the old Chinese proverb which says ‘may you live in interesting times’ it is my view that we do and that we will emerge from this period as a stronger fairer Scotland outside a failing United Kingdom. whose last and most desperate mantra seems to be one more appropriate to Ealing comedies and Whitehall farces. Now I don’t know why but I can’t help but asking myself why the phrase oh what a lovely excuse for a war we must start a search an enemy comes readily to mind.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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