The Grandest Team

Hey everyone. Last night my team won our 3rd successive Scottish title and we celebrated as Celtic were yet again crowned Champions of Scotland. Tonight I post a poem in honour of our championship win but of our club and why to be a Celt is like nothing else in football. The poem written in the club’s centenary year of 1988 is titled the Grandest Team and I hope Celtic fans everywhere enjoy the read.

The Grandest Team

Formed in Glasgow’s East End
In 1888
There stands a famous football club
A club that’s truly great
We wear the hoops of green and white
and Celtic is our name
we truly are the grandest team
In football’s grand old game

Our founders had a vision
On the day our club was born
To help the needy and the poor
The rich did treat with scorn
We honour that tradition still
In every way we can
And that’s why I’m so proud to be
A faithful Celtic fan

To be a Celt is an honour
To watch them a delight
And I will cheer through thick and thin
The boys in green and white
The Celts will always play to win
It’s all we’ve ever known
And that’s why football’s grandest team
Will never walk alone

@Gayle Smith 1988


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