See This Referendum It’s All About Alex Why Salmond Matters And Why Unionists Hate Him

Hey everyone. If there is one thing I will remember about this referendum it is the downright disgusting not to say criminal vilification of one man. There is not a day that passes when some bigot with bitter and often extreme unionist sentiments launches an unfair and vicious attack on him. Indeed I would go as far as to say that I have to question the sanity of these people. Believe me when I say their hatred is fanatical and in many cases dangerous, some of the more unstable sections of unionism have actually issued death threats against him.

You may wonder what crime he has committed. The answer to that question is that he has committed no crime unless you consider the idea of restoring our national independence a crime. I certainly do not and indeed will be voting in favour of the question that he and his government won the right to put before the people of Scotland on Thursday 18th September 2014 namely do you think Scotland should become an independent country?

So who is the man who is being subject to vile campaign of hate that I have ever witnessed in mainland Britain? Is it a mass murderer? No. A rapist? No. A paedophile? No. It is none of these things it is a man who was democratically elected to his position, as his party won two election victories in a row the second of which was a landslide. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the name of the most vilified man in Britain. He is the First Minister of Scotland Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond.

First of all let me that Alex Salmond does not need me to defend him he is perfectly capable of doing that for himself and possesses an intellect far sharper than any of his political rivals be they at Holyrood or Westminster. However I feel compelled to write this post as I am genuinely sickened by some of the treatment he has been given by a fanatically unionist press which is so fiercely loyalist towards London and the Westminster set that it would make Ian Paisley look like a fully paid up republican. In fact is true to say that the notorious paedophile Jimmy Saville received a fairer hearing from the unionist press and media than our First Minister.

The reason for this insane hatred which is in my opinion both obsessive and delusional is very simple. The British press and media know that many people particularly the elderly are extremely gullible when it comes to politics and can very be easily frightened. To that extent is easy to explain why Salmond matters and why unionists hate him. To them he is an enemy, a man who challenges the old corrupt political club which will be forever Westminster and who can articulate his vision of a better fairer Scotland built on the values of inclusion and respect. This is a man of character backbone and substance. A man who were he in the Labour Party would surely be leading it not just at Scottish but at UK level. Salmond is a man who knows what he wants but more importantly than that he knows what he believes in and is prepared to stand by his principles and back his own judgement.

The recent vindication of both Salmond and his justice minister Kenny McAskill over their decision to release the Lockerbie bomber must have had unionists spewing in to their sick bucket that is of course once they had finished throwing up their virtual vomit all over the internet. I remember at the time they were queuing up to condemn him for betraying the families of the victims but did he flinch? No he didn’t. As I said this is a man of character and backbone. In this situation as in many others Salmond faced down his more gutless opponents by saying history would show Scotland had done the right thing by showing that compassion was at the heart of our justice system and that our parliament had acted with integrity.

This indeed was the case and time as he suspected has proved him correct. However it was during this troubled time that my respect for him increased. You see there was a cartel of American senators who wanted Salmond’s blood and were prepared to stop at nothing to get it. However Salmond did what no unionist politician has ever done in my lifetime he held his nerve and refused to panic. He even faced down President Obama when in an uncharacteristic moment of self righteousness and I will be fair to the president on this Obama demanded that Salmond go over to America and answer to him and the American people. Salmond politely but firmly left the president in no doubt he would do no such thing saying he was answerable to no-one except to the people of Scotland.
This showed to me and much of the wider Scottish public than unlike the divided oops I mean United Kingdom we had a statesman worthy of the name.
I mean could you imagine any UK Prime Minister talking with that conviction I certainly couldn’t. Blair, Brown, Cameron, Major and even the old iron lady herself would have melted as soon as Uncle Sam spoke to them and boarded the first flight to Washington to take their telling off and promise not to so naughty again and the first three of those listed would have been worse than slobbering poodles in their sycophantic attempts to get their political tummy tickled. Not Alex Salmond he stood his ground and sent Obama homeward to think again with his tail very firmly tucked between his legs.

As I said earlier in this post Mr Salmond is a man of stature unlike some of his more petty minded unionist opponents both in front line politics and their little friends in the press and media. Yet the press and media constantly promote musings from the likes of Alastair Carmichael, Anas Sarwar, Danny Alexander, and the most brilliant gifts to the yes campaign Ian ‘constituencies that vote for the union should remain British’ Davidson and Jimmy ‘even if the SNP independence plan meant Scotland would be better off I would still vote against it’ Hood as if they were the thoughts of Einstein or even biblical scripture Honestly I despair of the calibre of some of my unionist opponents I really do and I despair even more of their friends in the press and media especially the oh so neutral BBC.
How would I describe these people? For the first three mention I would say career politicians wedded to a system where the elected members are kings or queens and the people they represent dismissed as irrelevant at least they are between elections but as for the last two, I will just say two circuses are missing a clown or two villages are missing an idiot. Well let’s be honest, mensa material they ain’t but credit where it’s due they do manage to tie themselves up in so many knots they would make Houdini look like an amateur. However there is one fault that they and other more intelligent career unionists such as Douglas Alexander, and Ruth Davidson have in common they all attempt to personalise the referendum falsely claiming that it is Salmond’s referendum and not Scotland’s. Now I have to say I find this very boring not to mention infantile and so help me God if I here one more idiot trying to pass themselves off as intelligent and referring to the most crucial vote in our country’s recent history as in this way I will actually scream.

Honestly I don’t know how many times I’ve had to tell people no matter how politely this is not Alex Salmond’s referendum and it’s not about the SNP it’s about the future of this country and whether we actually have one or whether in act of rampant stupidity we sign up to be ruled by the gutless wonders of Westminster and allow our country to be asset stripped yet again till they have bled us dry at which point they will give us our independence whether we want it or not. When I explain this to some of the more sycophantic gullible and simple minded voters the look of astonishment on their faces really is a joy to behold.

One of the main reasons for the attacks on Alex Salmond is the relentless and often insane attacks of the press and media. Many of the people pose as journalists when in reality they are not fit for purpose and some of them I have my own very definite opinions on who have never been fit for purpose. However the fact their opinions are often dressed up as fact and in many cases go unchallenged go a long way to destroying the myth that it is all about Alex.

It is however far from easy to get that message across to the public particularly those who read the red tops such as the Daily Record though to be fair certain broadsheets such as the Scotsman are every bit as bad at spewing their Anti Salmond bile. Not only that but they do tend to give his unionist opponents a free ride and by unionist opponents I mean all of them Conservative, and Liberal Democrat as well as Labour. Indeed at this very moment with the first editions of the Sunday papers about to hit the shelves I have no doubt that they will all be falling over themselves to say what a wonderful speech Ms Lamont gave to the Scottish Labour spring conference. Despite the fact they realise what a pile of utter drivel it actually was. They will no doubt focus on Lamont’s ludicrous comment that the SNP are betraying Scotland and leading a dishonest campaign. This coming from a woman whose own speech writer recently tweeted a disgusting tweet about cancer in the vain hope of scoring some cheap political points against both the Scottish Government and the independence movement and who in a televised debate even had the bare faced check to say that Scots were not genetically programmed to make political decisions. It seems Lamont or Lament if you want to be really honest about knows a thing or two about pork pies but as long as there wrapped in the union jack she doesn’t seem to mind. I have to say that yesterday she reached a new low even for her personally insulting the First Minister and his wife. This is disgusting behaviour from someone who purports to have the ambition to lead our country, but yesterday’s childish insult illustrates perfectly why she will
never get the chance to do it. The reason is simple she lacks the class for the job.

It was at the same conference last year Lamont informed us from the safety of the conference podium that Scotland was a something for nothing society and that our independence referendum was not about Scotland v England. To be fair we in the yes campaign already knew that but we let her rant anyway. Why? Because as the former French emperor Napoleon once said never interrupt your enemy when they are in the business of a mistake. This was a theory she would confound only seconds later when on finishing her rant I mean speech she said it was Scotland V Salmond. This was and remains complete and total garbage but we need now more than ever to get that message across to the voters and though many are receptive to listening to our case some particularly amongst older voters who are or may be set in their ways are very hostile to change.

For example about a year ago not long after her Scotland V Salmond comment I was chatting to a woman of an older generation said to myself. I don’t like that Salmond and when I asked her why she said he’s just a glory hunter going over to America and giving them a lecture on Iraq it made me ashamed to be Scottish. I gently pointed out to her that the glory hunter she was referring to wasn’t Alex Salmond who had never done any such thing It was in fact that very fanatical Britain lover and former Labour MP George Galloway and I told her she wasn’t the only one he made ashamed to be Scottish there were hundreds of thousands like her including me. By the end of that conversation we had gained another supporter to the cause of independence.

In another conversation this time more recently and again with a woman of an older generation we were casually chatting on a number of topics when the independence issue came up and I said I was a cert to vote yes and would be out campaigning for a yes vote from now till polling day. The woman looked surprised but asked me what my reasons were for wanting change,so I gently but firmly said her we are both adults and adults are entitled to make our own choices in life. Not surprisingly she agreed with this comment but she did ask me what this had to with the referendum. My reply completely floored her when I said you’ve agreed that we are all adults and as adults we make our own choices or at least we should but Scotland is still treated like a child and told what to do by a Westminster Government who care nothing for our interests.

Her next comments showed the power of the press and media in this debate and how deeply their agenda has penetrated the minds of the voters I know what your saying is true hen she said but I’m not sure we could make it on our own. I asked the woman why we she thought this and she said she didn’t really know but that’s what she had been told. I told her I wasn’t surprised by her reluctance especially when you consider that many of most powerful sections of the aforementioned press hate the idea of independence with a fanaticism which if it was occurring in other countries they would have no hesitation in describing as dangerous.

My next point was that not one of the main Scottish newspapers was Scottish owned and this makes the journalists and reporters dependent on the survival the of the UK. This means that many of these journalists of are naturally inclined to the unionist parties and they have over 300 years of union to give a cringe about not being good enough to do things by ourselves. The too wee, too poor, too stupid mantra that the unionists are so fond of using did not come about by accident it was the product of indoctrination but as I said to this very respectable woman the irish didn’t buy it and neither should we.

I then went on to explain that The double standards of these people many of whom went to the same universities and drank in the same bars as the establishment is so far beyond contempt it is truly sickening and you can see this by the snide and often vicious attacks made on Alex Salmond. Oh she said my husband doesn’t like that Alex Salmond and when I asked her why he didn’t like him she said she didn’t know and had never thought to ask him. She did however say that she and her man were both Labour voters and had been all their lives.

Now in case some of you are waiting for me that i said to use an American phrase I loath ‘enough already’ I hate to say I did no such thing. Instead I turned the Salmond factor on it’s head and introduced three factor in its place. They were (1) The Blair Factor (2) The Tory Factor
(3) The Labour Factor. The introduction of these factors was calculating and potentially cruel or they would have been had I not treated the women with respect which of course I did.

The first of these of was critical in getting women onside. I asked her what she and her husband thought of Tony Blair. The woman replied as many so many Labour voters do that Blair ‘was not a real Labour man’. At this point I felt it only fair to remind her that her view was not shared in the home the home counties where Blair was returned to power in three successive elections and perceived to be the best ‘Labour man’ in history. The women seemed genuinely shocked at this and was even more shocked when I told her that Ed Milliband was privately educated as was Peter Mandelson, Ed Balls, and Anas Sarwar. Alex Salmond on the other hand attend his attended his local school and through his own merit and not acquired wealth gained a place at St Andrew’s University where he gained a first class joint honours degree in economics and history.
Having decimated Blair who is an intellectual pygmy when compared to a man of Salmond’s calibre I then moved on to easier territory as I asked her what she thought of the Tories. The women replied that she hated the idea of them running the country that is something you have in common with have Alex Salmond I said, he hates the idea too. What a pity I said we can’t say the same about the Labour Party leadership in Scotland such as Johann Lamont, Anas Sarwar and Margaret Curran as they seem to be perfectly fine with the idea and hope that their acceptance of it will gain them a place at that well known retirement for failed British politicians otherwise known as the House of Lords.

The woman asked me if I didn’t think that was a wee bit hard to which I replied certainly not. Indeed had I really wanted to turn the screw on our intellectually challenged comrades I could have been a hell of a lot harder. It is about time someone was I said, but hen she said there the party of the workers the Tories aren’t for likes of us. My reply to this comment was that though that was what the Labour Party was founded for that it is not where they stand now and until we get independence we will never get the society based on fair Labour values that she and her husband believe in and voted Labour in order to get. I went on to assert as far as I’m concerned voting Labour is voting Tory because it is voting for continued Westminster rule and the being reliant on the goodwill to make our decisions for us and that is not good enough for our country. The United Kingdom I said is united in name only and survives on apathy rather than pride.

To say the women was astonished would be putting it mildly but I saved my best shot for last. I asked her what kind of Labour Party because this September she would did she want the Labour Party of the millionaires like Sarwar and Blair who cosy up to the bankers in the city of London or the party of principled socialists such as Dennis Canavan and the late great Jimmy Reid. I think you know the answer hen she said with smile I do I replied but you won’t get that party a workers party that represents its people a party that says no to Trident no to illegal wars and no to bankers bonuses if you don’t vote Yes to do it. This voter was a hard nut to crack. A true Labour woman with real Labour values she was interested in what I had to say but I sensed she was worried about betraying her party and that I needed to give her just one last push to get her over the finish line. I did this by going on twitter and showing her a tweet from the national collective which damned their lies to hell it said @WeAreNational:’ All of the main party leaders, including those part of the No campaign, agree Scotland could be a successful independent country’. It was seeing this tweet with her own eyes that nailed another yes vote to the cause.

Engaging with people is something I enjoy. Persuading people to vote for something I believe in is a challenge I relish and over the past two years I have managed to convince more than a few voters to cross the floor to use a political term and come over to Yes Scotland. However in politics as in life you have to fight for what you believe in and that is why I back the First Minister 100 per cent when he is unfairly criticised and even vilified by his opponents. As I have said to a number of people when Alex Salmond is compared to Hitler, Robert Mugabe, and Osama Bin Laden, by a bunch of self interested fools who are only interested in the money they can make rather than the people they are supposed to represent it is not because those comparisons are true it is because they fear him and fear that he may just persuade the people of Scotland to bring the gravy train between Scotland and Westminster to a shuddering halt and these sad pathetic individuals fear the end of the that service more than they fear death itself.

That and only that is why Salmond matters and why the unionists hate him. They know they don’t have a leader in his class and that’s because to lead a nation you have to believe in that nation and make no mistake Alex Salmond believes in Scotland whilst the majority of his unionist opponents with a few honourable exceptions such as former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy and former First Minister Henry McLeish are wedded to their seat in Westminster and believe only in the pay cheques they receive at the end of each month. Maybe we in the Yes campaign should rename better together the save our salaries group because at the end of the day it seems at least to this blogger that is all that concerns them and they will as they always do put self interest above the interests of the people of Scotland.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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