Kisses And Kitchens

Hey everyone A poem contrasting the role of women in the Scotland I grew up in the 1970’s and the 21st century women of today. In this poem I pose the question have those roles changed as much as we think? I only ask because it seems to me though we may have taken many small steps on the road to equality much more needs to be done especially in terms of economics and how we are represented in a press and media which uses far too many stereotypical images for my liking. I have called the poem Kisses And Kitchens I hope you find an enjoyable and thought provoking read.

Kisses And Kitchens

I was a half pint who was scatty not scary
I was Laura in Little House On The Prairie
When it came to the Good Life
I had to be Barbara
I was never assertive enough to be Margo

I wasn’t Barbara Windsor I was more Wendy Craig
it was seventies Scotland it has to be said
I couldn’t be daring it’s not what was done
we were kind of restricted in how we had fun

Dreams and ambitions were just for the few
It’s a different world now though
with a more liberal view
it’s a world we fought to honour those women
who were fed media images of kisses and kitchen

In the world as I know it every woman has chances
to live as she wants to as society advances
we have made many gains but there are more to made
we’ve an equal pay act but not yet equal pay

yes despite what we are told
there are still stereotypes
a bossy wee madam a meek little wife
we have boxes to tick, we have labels to wear
we’re encouraged to be different but nobody dares

in a world where we’re told we must all be the same
abide by the rules the press set for the game
but if we play safe then we’ll always be token
there are sometimes in life rules are made to be broken

we must think of a future where no woman in the world
will be called second class just because she’s a girl
empowerment begins by presenting a vision
of a more equal life
beyond kisses and kitchens

@ Gayle Smith 2014


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