From Bingo To Bankers This Was A Budget For Tory England

Hey everyone George Osborne has delivered his budget. A budget he claimed was a budget for recovery. He opened his budget by claiming that the recovery has started but there is still much to do. He said that this was a budget which will support both business and reduce the deficit still further. He claimed that the Government is on track to achieve by the end of the year a Britain whose economy would be larger than it was at the time of the financial crisis. This he said was a budget for the makers, the do-ers, and the savers

Referring to the crash of 2008 he said that we had the biggest banking crisis in the world. Then mocking ‘ the former chancellor’ by which I think he means his better together colleague Alastair Darling by quoting him saying as some mistakes were made.

Osborne then claimed that his plan to get Britain working was working and said that we were recovering faster than Germany Japan and had the for first time in 35 years more people in work than the United States. He has promised a new pound in the shape of a thrupnee bit, more technologically advanced and less able to be forged as he claims 1 in 30 pound coins now are. He went on to boast of a private sector led recovery and claimed that Britain was in better shape because of the tough decisions taken by this coalition Government.

There will still be pay restraint in the public sector, as welfare will be capped from housing benefit to tax credits. This yet again penalises the poor, and not just the unemployed but the working poor who according to the Trussell Trust are the biggest users of community food banks. Despite this Osborne says we are all in all this together and the phrase which will no doubt be his new mantra ‘we will fix the roof while the sun is shining to protect the country from future storms’.

Osborne promised support for the Lockerbie scholarships, celebrations to commemorate the great war and the Magna Carta Trust for the 800th anniversary of its signing. This last comment provided an excuse for Osborne to show his sense of humour when he said ‘the defeat King John all those centuries ago seems so distant but he a weak leader who rose to the top by betraying his brother support by a gang of barons. A clear dig at a certain Mr Milliband me thinks.

The biggest reforms announced in this budget were an increase in the basic tax threshold to £10, 500 which will be welcomed by those on low income and an increase in the amount of personal savings you can put in ISA’s. The chancellor also spoke investment in North Sea oil and gas. Whilst this is to be welcomed, I can’t help but think this is a political bribe to buy votes in the coming independence referendum. I have no doubt this will prove as successful as Johann Lamont’s botched Devo plan or David Cameron’s ridiculous attempt to buy facebook likes.

Then using figures from the thin air school of magic he said Scots would be a £1,000 worse off under independence and Britain was better together. Predictable stuff certainly and it was so nice to hear the treacherous cheers from the Labour benches for the first and only time in this budget.

Osborne also had the nerve to
claim that Scotch whisky was another British success story. No it isn’t George it’s a Scottish success and it is seen as such. A Global brand made in Scotland unlike this budget which was made at Westminster and made for Middle England with a few concessions for the North of England. No mention of Scotland except to be told the usual unionist lie that we are better together.

Yes folks that’s how much Scotland matters to the unionists be they Osborne’s pals from the Bullingdon club or Ed Balls mates from bullshitters club. The Westminster parties and I mean all of the unionist parties, really are all in this together. Westminster knows it needs Scotland and the revenue we provide if they didn’t we’d have been kicked out of this union without any referendum and don’t let them fool you in to thinking otherwise. I mean when a chancellor has to praise the rich for paying their taxes then one seriously has to wonder if they are fit for purpose or their party for fit for office.

I do have to say however that the silence from the Labour benches on this issue was absolutely deafening, mind you it had to be because under the rule of the so-called workers the gap between the richest and poorest members of our society actually got worse.

Now every budget has to have a gimmick or at least a headline to sell it to the press. I mean who can forget the ill fated pasty tax of a couple of years ago which was a rather ludicrous attempt to attack Britain’s obesity record which is one of the worst in the developed from on high in the corridors of power. This was destined to fail but I think it was a front to get some of the more hard-line policies through unnoticed as too many people would have focused on the headline story. Well as the roman’s once said give them the circuses and or this case pasties and the they won’t complain about the price of bread.

This year’s Osborne gimmick is that fact he is reducing the bingo duty by half. He is also freezing duty on whisky and cider and taking a penny from the price of a pint of beer. These can be seen as few sweeteners for people in the poorer sections of society though smokers will still feel the pain. So mixed messages for those in the working class areas though many of those people will struggle due what Labour correctly say is the cost of living crisis as wages are still lagging behind inflation. Therefore in real terms this means a reduction of disposable income for those households in real terms and I suspect that many belts will need to be in tightened still further.

This to me was not a budget for Britain. From bingo lovers getting their duty reduced to bankers getting away with far too much and still not facing the consequences of their actions, this was a budget Tory Britain or should I say Tory England and that respect at least it was a political masterstroke. As I believe that is what Mr Osborne will be left with on the morning of the 19th of September after Scotland has voted to leave the club it had to be coerced in to joining in the first place and with the wealth available to us illustrate by our actions that just as the novelist tells us oranges are not the only fruit we know austerity is not only way forward. Yes it is true there is a better way and we can make the choice to take it and build a fairer nation for our people.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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