A Very Rosy Future In The Westminster Garden Of Thorns Only If Your Living In The Land Of Make Believe

Hey everyone As London’s favourite fantasist Danny Alexander has a very special role to play for the No Scotland campaign in the run up to September’s independence referendum. You see Agent Danny has the task of convincing the more gullible and less politically aware amongst our number that once there is No Scotland we can simply get on with being British and we can all be Better Together.

This however presents a problem for Danny you see as Iain McWhirter points his excellent article in this week’s Sunday Herald Memo To Danny Alexander The very things that make London rich makes Scotland poorer. This is something Danny and his friends in the south or to more precise Westminster seem totally unable
to grasp and believe me they need to if they are to have any chance of keeping Scotland in the UK even on a temporary basis which by the way is as good as it get for the supporters of a union which has long since passed its sell by date.

The idea that Westminster can send some hired fools with accents to talk down to the people of Scotland like some distant colonial governor general would seem ridiculous to someone who lives in the real world rather than the bubble of the Mother of Parliaments.

It strikes me that Team Apathy one of my many new names for the forces of darkness are getting just a wee bit too up themselves and once we have removed their heads from their own backsides, it strikes me this bizarre collection of sharp suits and dull minds need to be taken down a peg or two. I mean I don’t know who they got to write their best seller on how to win friends and influence people but obviously whatever genius came up with their campaign had no experience of doing either and lacked the ability to start now.

McWhirter correctly says ‘all this finger wagging and no means no rhetoric may be counter productive for better together’. Why? Because it gives the impression that the better together campaign is led not only from London but from the City of London and the idea that Scotland can or should be bullied big business cartels in the name of millionaire or indeed billionaires on the boards of private companies will not sit too well with many in Scotland whose preferred position in any football, hockey, or rugby team would be somewhere on the left. Indeed we have seen another example of a Labour and trade union stalwart, and former chair of the |STUC Bob Thomson declare for independence. To see Labour in coalition with the Tories on this was the last straw for a man who had fought the Tories all his political life. Bob Thomson may be the latest principled Labour man to nail his colours to the Yes Scotland mast but something tells me he won’t be the last. If Better Together are not at least beginning to get nervous that there all about Alex narrative is now well and truly busted then they are quite clearly not intelligent enough to deserve to win our future.

Not that I think they can win the future I believe they are going to get thumped. My reason for this belief is a simple one with a message of hope at it’s core. This message is brilliantly delivered by McWhirter who says in one sentence with a brilliant and deadly clarity that ‘a campaign that is based almost entirely on fear is campaign that has lost the argument’ This is something that unionists will need to get their heads round and quickly and yet it is something I don’t want to them to get their heads round because the more they fail to see the problem the bigger our landslide is going to be. So forgive me for being so brutal as I don’t want them to wake up and smell the coffee no I want them to sleepwalk all the way to hell. The idea that we can somehow have a very rosy future in Westminster’s garden of thorns is one I would find laughable if the prospect didn’t terrify as much as it does.

You see as far as I am concerned better together do not have a campaign they are an organisation and to those who not as active or politically aware there is a fundamental difference. A campaign no matter how large has or tends or tends to have a series of active local bases a presence on the street of teams willing to talk to the people it needs to reach. An organisation, especially a multi national organisation such as better together sees no need to do so preferring to intimidate those it seeks to hold within its sphere of influence by issuing frightening edicts or statement designed to scare to people in to doing what they are told. I wonder how many people can see the difference between this model of behaviour and the demented delusions of project fear. It is no coincidence the unionists use this tactic they need you to be afraid or they will not be able to continue their raid on Scottish resources.

Make no mistake for the unionists this is personal. Many of them have amassed huge personal fortunes and set up family dynasties thanks to their connections and this does not just apply to the Conservatives in fact in Scotland i would say it applies to the Labour Party to an even more significant degree. Indeed there are now many traditional Labour families whose members are often promoted to jobs way above their capabilities or intellectual levels in politics or the media or for the less talented city council chambers all over the country. Believe me these people are just as complicate in the mugging of Scotland as any etonian millionaire. If there one thing the comrades don’t want it is a system based on genuine merit.

The fact however is that in different parts of Scotland this system has benefited all parties including Danny Alexander’s Liberal Democrats but the fact of the matter is that though of our opponents may point to some examples of this very system working within the independence movement they cannot deny that it is primarily the unionists who benefit from and established political class and a culture of remoteness which sends a message to the voters that politics is our business now please get on with yours. This is the challenge the yes campaign has to overcome and to break these power structures will not be easy. However it can be done and especially at a time when Scotland’s influence amongst the London chattering classes has never been weaker and in the event of a no vote will be diluted still further.

It is my belief that as the referendum date draws the treats from Westminster high command will increase dramatically in both number and ferocity. Scotland must not buckle under these tactics of the tyrant. It is time to stand strong and face the fear. The unionists know we can call their bluff and believe me it terrifies them far more than their non existent campaign will ever scare us. This is an organisation so confident of victory that as McWhirter states in his article they haven’t even bothered to make the case for its continued existence. As he goes on to state ‘ a few platitudes from David Cameron in his Olympic speech about Team GB and Nelson Mandela does not amount to a reasoned case or claim of right’. The arrogance of these people would be truly staggering were not so death defyingly stupid.

Contrast this with the more balanced approach of the yes campaign. Far from counting our chickens in terms in terms of winning the fight for our country we always stress the importance of every individual yes vote to each voter we meet on the campaign trail and that their vote matters because they do. I believe that by engaging with the people in the street we are offering a far more positive vision of a representative people’s democracy than the Jack Horner finger in the pie nonsense mashed together by a group of people with nothing but self interest to bind them together.

It also interesting that McWhirter gives Owen Jones his character by referring to him as ‘question time’s favourite tame lefty’ This is undeniably true, Jones is certainly the darling of the Westminster chattering classes but he would do well to remember the old saying once quoted by Malcolm now Sir Malcolm Rifkind who on describing a political opponent reminded him that ‘those whom the gods wish destroy they first call promising’. I think Jones may realise the power of that remark sooner than he thinks especially and there is a delicious irony in this if Labour actually do win the 2015 general election. This could be the end of the beautiful connection between Jones and socialism as he realises that if he wants a seat at the court of King Milliband he will need to sell out his beliefs lock stock and principle and trust me he will do it without a second thought or even a first. After all the alternative is a lifetime in the political wilderness on the back benches. As for comments on Scotland and more particularly on the First Minister they are at best weak and ill considered rants based sorely on the fact that Alex Salmond is not a member of his party. Now I hate to remind Mr Jones but which party was it that ended tuition fees and the right to free personal care and ended means tested prescriptions? It wasn’t Labour the so-called workers it was the SNP led by Alex Salmond.

Oh and whilst I’m giving Mr Jones a lesson in contemporary Scottish politics I think I need to ask him who it was who said that Scotland was a something for nothing society and was wildly applauded the by the Conservative Government for doing so? Not sure are we Owen? Well for your information it wasn’t Alex Salmond or anyone else in the SNP for that matter. It was your own party’s Scottish leader Johann Lamont. Well I use the term Scottish with caution as I don’t think she likes it very much and I use the term leader very loosely as it is my considered opinion that she couldn’t lead the queue for a bus. If this is the best your party can come up with to lead Scotland I suggest you may be in far more trouble than you think.
Thank god I believe there are others who can do the job better even if at the moment their voices are not being heard.
Yes such is stifling suffocating impact of the union it is actually destroying the one party who are supposed to speak for the people.

This more than anything else shows to me why the union cannot continue. Believe me this is no partnership of equals this isn’t even a partnership if it was we wouldn’t be having a referendum because we wouldn’t be needing one and Danny Alexander wouldn’t need to come up to wag his finger and talk to us like we’ve been naughty school children for daring to the question the teacher about the state of the emperor’s suit but when all is said and done that is his job. Danny Alexander is chief fantasist for the union and desperately trying to sell a product deep down even he must know isn’t worth selling. However he will continue to flog the dead horse of perceived unity as it is in his interests do so if even if it is not in the interests of his nation. He has the air of an actor appearing in the last episode of a programme which will not be recommissioned and his dream of a very rosy future In the Westminster garden of thorns is only credible to those who are living in the land of make believe.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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