A Place On A Train With Too Many Passengers Where Nobody Asks Any Questions (What A No Vote Will Mean For The Natives In The Minds Of Better Together)

Hey everyone It seems to me that when it comes to our referendum on the future of our nation the unionists who wish to keep Scotland within the UK are very good at asking questions of those of us who wish to see Scotland restored to the status of an independent nation. However it occurs to me that those same unionists are not so good at answering questions as to why Scotland should remain in a union in which they have an ever decreasing influence

So should Scotland vote no in September I want to know what would this mean for the natives? I ask only because this is a question that better together and the London elite have never once even remotely attempted to answer. You see it is my belief that David Cameron and his Westminster government staffed as it is by that most lethal combination of arrogance and Etonians believe they will never need to answer it so they have never even bothered themselves in attempting to prepare answers to a series of what they see as hypothetical questions. This is even more true of their Labour and Liberal Democrat allies in the unionist camp who are even less prepared than the Tories to face a future in which Scotland may not be the obedient little colony they have always believed it to be

To keep the current arrangement, the unionists face many difficult challenges between now and September and it is the job of the yes campaign to make sure they face these questions and we must not let them go unanswered. So what are the issues the unionists cannot agree on and how do expose their weaknesses to the voters who will decide Scotland’s future
It goes without saying that answering the second part of that question is easier than the first. I say this as it appears obvious to me that since the press and media will not give the Yes campaign a fair hearing we must use social media to convince our undecided friends that independence is the best way forward for our country. I say the best way as I have more respect for the no campaign than many of their supporters have for ours.

My reason for sticking to my real respect agenda is a very simple one. I believe it serves our cause better in our fight to convince the don’t know’s that we are reasonable people who unlike our opponents do not resort to scare stories or bullying tactics to secure votes. Nor do we make outlandish threats to our opponents or their families. So my first question to the unionists is when will you publicly acknowledge and apologise for the bullying of yes supporters and politicians by some of your supporters. After all you seem to demand that of our campaign every time some unionist politician claims we’ve been less than gentle with them. It is therefore fair to say that a bit of consistency would be appreciated on this matter.

My next question to my opponents and it applies only to Labour The Conservative and UKIP is this When will you admit that none of your parties have or indeed intend to have any intention of giving any new powers to the Scottish Parliament and that this promise of jam tomorrow is no more than an election bribe in an attempt to secure your parties victory or in the case of UKIP influence in first post referendum election in May 2015?

I ask only because your parties have nothing concrete on the table and I would have thought if you were in any way genuine you would have had at least put a joint offer on the table but no not a word. Well not yet and there is only six months till polling day.

This leads to me to suspect that just like in the aftermath of the rigged 1979 referendum you will conveniently forget all about new powers as you did until that morning in 1988 when after Jim Sillars victory in that famous by-election there was the miracle of Govan and you did more on devolution in 9 hours than you had in the previous 9 years and to think Donald Dewar gets all the credit. I have to laugh at the irony of it.

Another major concern of mine is that the unionists appear to believe that they can bring facts and figures out of mid air and that people should believe them. This is particularly true with regards to the economy and businesses On this issue I would like to ask why do you think we should believe the Brown-Balls axis of stupidity which helped facilitate the conditions for the banking crash of 2007-2008 a crash for which we are still paying now, or the multi-millionaire George Osborne who favours tax cuts for the rich and taxes on spare rooms for the poor. Why should we take the advice of short term career politicians whose every action is dictated by the short term need of their party to win elections rather than the advice of world renowned nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz who has openly stated that Scotland would better off leaving the United Kingdom and restoring our independence?. Personally I see no valid reason for believing these scare stories. I mean to say we would be thrown out of the commonwealth and would no longer be able to have rugby players playing for the British And Irish is nothing short of rank stupidity. However perhaps the best one yet was the day they proved they were not mensa material and claimed we would lose our place in the House of Lords and they actually said this like it was a bad thing. Well I accept the fact it might be bad news for George Foulkes and Jim Wallace who are already noble lords and Anas Sarwar who would do anything to get there, but it really is time to end this outdated retirement home for political has beens and I want to ask the right honourable members for yesterday what do they actually do for their overly generous allowance. I think it can be summed up in the words of Paul Daniels yes that’s right ‘not a lot’

I would also like to ask the press and media why when some minor celebrity or even a major celebrity comes out to declare support for the union or they are told by a ‘reliable source’ that some company ‘may’ have to leave Scotland if we vote yes to independence then we are told that this news is and I quote ‘a devastating blow to Alex Salmond and the nationalists.
This referendum is not about Alex Salmond and the SNP. It has never been about one man or one party it’s about Scotland’s future and the direction we as Scots want our country to take in the name of a better tomorrow. So why can’t you admit this simple truth and mention the fact that there are many members of opposition parties particularly the Labour Party who support an independent Scotland. Are you too scared to say this in case it kills off your chances of a gong from the British establishment or your chances of ever being selected as a future candidate for one of the three winged beasts known as better together. Let me state only one simple fact and it’s this a coward’s reward is no reward and that is exactly what you’ll get . You see the establishment know how to treat their servants particularly the sycophantic ones. They will use you to get what they need and discard you faster than yesterday’s fish and chip wrappers.

Now I want to ask my opponents why they are pretending that they will block a currency union with the remaining UK which would damage the remaining UK as much if not more than it would Scotland when they fine well know that they would not take this course of action. Indeed Alistair Darling openly admitted on the Marr show as recently as a few weeks that a currency union is desirable. So somebody somewhere in better together is lying and I want to know who and I want to know now.

Next on my check list is international affairs and I want to ask you why UK diplomats who are supposed to be representing Scotland’s interests have instead been spending their time, resources and energy in belittling Scotland’s interests and talking down our potential to be a member of the international family of nations as an independent country.

My next question to the unionists is how can you have the bare faced check to lecture Scotland’s Government on politicising the Commonwealth Games when that is exactly what you did with London Olympics in 2012 Honestly it was so disgusting it was indescribable and left me incandescent with rage. I have never seen such an orgy of union jackanory outside loyalist areas of Belfast on the 12th of July it was truly stomach turning so less of the double standards if you don’t mind.

My next question is why do you insist on calling your own better together campaign project fear?
Is it because independence is the correct and indeed natural state of affairs for any nation or does it perhaps reach beyond that self evident statement to a far more personal agenda, namely that if the UK dies then your ticket for the gravy train expires as the Scotland to Westminster excess will have crashed at the border so you have to rely on fear to keep your seat on a train with too many passengers as you have no positive case for the union nor will you ever have and you know it.

I would also like to know why you consider weapons of mass destruction to dangerous to be stationed somewhere in the home counties say for example of Portsmouth but consider them perfectly fine for the inhabitants of Glasgow and West of Scotland. Do you consider our lives to be cheaper and of less value than those in the south of England? The mayor of London certainly does as he was caught on video saying than a pound spent in Croydon was more valuable to the British economy than a pound spent in Glasgow. Is this the reward we get for being the descendants of those ship builders and steel workers who built your empire? It occurs to me that it is and I have to say I find your attitude to be truly stomach turning and an insult to all Scots who ever believed that being British meant something and that we were part of a United Kingdom.

I have to say it is my opinion that the poor souls were at best misguided and probably even deluded, browbeaten by a relentless attack on all things Scottish since the day and hour this union was signed. Indeed I am reminded of the words of my grandmother who once told this is no united kingdom it is only ever united when that lot by which and let me very clear about this she meant Westminster and not the people of England want something. I hate to tell but I had the measure of your lot by the referendum in which I wasn’t old to vote in 1979. You don’t answer questions because you don’t have the answers you only have lies and fairy tales from a badly written script.

Finally I would like my unionist opponents to explain why you insist that we are better together in a union set up in the dynastic age which does not serve Scotland’s interests? Oh that’s right, it serves your interests and your world that is all that matters and therein lies the difference between the two campaigns ours is about imagining and then creating a better land for our people, yours is about saving your salaries and a place on train with too many passengers where nobody cares who you are and nobody asks any questions.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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