Red Cards Own Goals And Self Destruct Buttons The Hot Seat Is No Place For Those With Hot Heads

Hey everyone. As many of you will know I’ve always been a football girl. Well it’s a men in shorts kinda thing. I don’t care what teams are playing as there some hotties in shorts I’ll give it a shot so it is fair to say that Match of the day is usually worth a watch especially if there are teams with pretty strips. I like teams in pretty strips.

Anyway after a day of poetry and socialising I wasn’t up to speed with the results of the day so when an English premiership game makes headlines on the TV news I figured that Match of the Day may have been worth a watch last night.

Now it is fair to say that managers in this multi million pound world that is the English premiership are under immense pressure but you think they should the leave their players to make the headlines. After all that is why they are paid more for one week’s work than some of us will see in a lifetime. However this is not always the case and it certainly wasn’t when Newcastle took the road to Hull and their manager Alan Pardew completely lost it and consider himself very lucky to be in a job this morning .

Mr Pardew is a man who is widely respected as one of the most respected managers in the English game. He is a man who seems able to get players to play at the level above their natural ability. So with this in mind one has to ask just what possessed him to head butt a Hull City player under the full glare over the referee and the assistant linesman. Yes dear readers you did read that right a manager head butted an opposing player.
Now as it so happens I do not believe that there is any place for violence in sport. If sport is supposed to teach you anything it is the values of team work and fair play. Yes I do accept there will in the heat of battle there will be the occasional flare up. I am afraid to say that is part and parcel of the nature of the beast as players can get a wee bit emotional during games and feelings do on occasions run high.

What I refuse to accept however is that managers can afford to lose the plot. I mean these are the people who are supposed to impose discipline over the players at their club and be ambassadors for the club whose colours the represent. Alas this was not the case with Mr Pardew when as a Hull player who was in a hurry to take a throw in, well you would be when your team are 3-1 down at home brushed the Newcastle manager on his way to retrieve the ball. Now realising his own team we’re winning the game in a canter Alan Pardew should have brushed this incident aside and thought to himself your in a hurry son and I can’t blame you because my lot are playing you off the park. What he should not have done was run up to the player and head butt him. This is not acceptable behaviour under any circumstances and Mr Pardew was quite rightly given a red card by the referee.

To me this is unprofessional conduct for which he should have been sacked. I this only because if a manager cannot control his temper how the hell can he then impose discipline on the players. This is ridiculous behaviour and totally distracts from what was arguably his team’s best performance as they eventually sealed a 4-1 win against a Hull team who are as plucky as they come and certainly no pushovers in front of their own fans.

Make no mistake this was a shocking display and had it happened in any other world except football the perpetrator would have been sacked and possibly even arrested. In a pre emptive strike aimed at damage limitation Newcastle tonight fined their manager £100,000 and gave him a formal warning as to his future conduct. Personally I think he is a very lucky man to have got off so lightly. You know Hull City’s nickname is the tigers and my warning to the man who is still manager of Newcastle is easy tiger it’s time to manage your temper. I have no doubt the English FA will investigate this matter further and the punishments received by Alan Pardew from his club may not be enough to save him from further sanctions.

The tragedy of this situation is that Alan Pardew is a very talented manager but he does have a self destruct button as this is not the first time his temper has landed him in trouble. Hopefully however he will take heed of what can only be described as a very lucky break. After all he still has a job to go to on Monday morning. I wonder would this have been the case if he had worked as I did as an equality trainer. Somehow I very much doubt it.

Trust me during my working life as a trainer there were people who attended training sessions I delivered that I knew did not like me or the subject in which I was training them. Now it is fair to say they may have been very much in the minority but they were there and on occasions they did their level best to make things difficult for me. I also know of many friends and former colleagues who have had to deal with challenging situations or individuals but and I can say this with honesty neither myself nor my friends have ever head butted or attacked these individuals. Had we done so we would have been given a one way ticket to the dole and quite rightly so. I am therefore left thinking that it is not only players who score own goals. Sometimes managers can make mistakes and when they do those mistakes can be even more costly than any made by the players they hire. However Maybe there is one important lesson to come out of this whole undignified mess and that, is that with all the pressures of the modern game the hot seat is no place for those with hot heads.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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