Waxing Lyrical

Hey everyone. As every woman knows when it comes to beauty there is no gain without pain and waxing can often be an experience to dread. Fortunately however this is not the case for me as I have always had very good beauticians. In 2010 I wrote this poem for one of them it’s called Waxing Lyrical. It is I am sure a poem with which every woman will emphasise and every man will think thank god that’s not me. I hope you enjoy the read.

Waxing Lyrical

She takes me to the treatment room
relaxes me with her friendly manner
before I put myself into her capable hands
as she begins the process I twitch slightly
she applies the wax to my eyebrows
over the months however
I have learned not to be nervous
this is a treat to enjoy
rather than a duty to undertake
coming out with eyes in better shape
I am waxing lyrical about my wonderfully talented beautician
I will I still be doing so
when we venture in to more unfamiliar territory
like my legs or bikini line

@Gayle Smith 2010


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