Will I Still Love You Tomorrow?

Hey everyone. So the draw for 2016 for the European Championship has placed a few roadblocks on Scotland’s attempt to qualify for the finals in France. Germany, Poland, Georgia and Gibraltar, will all provide exciting challenges on the road to Paris but maybe it is a cruel twist of fate that Scotland has found herself in the same group as my favourite other team at a time when we face the biggest decision in our history and the potential repercussions in immediate aftermath of it.

Yes folks I refer to Ireland and this presents a real difficulty for me as depending on the referendum result this could be the draw from heaven or from hell for Scotland and our fans could if the result goes the right way be attending a party where everyone celebrates for a week, or a funeral where the deceased finds out how despised they really are.

Make no mistake should this country be corrupt, servile, or stupid enough to vote no the taunting we will have to face from the Irish fans will be merciless in it’s mockery and I hate to say it but it will also be very well deserved. I mean this is a country where men and women gave their lives to get rid of the bullying British and their many songs of freedom are testament to this.

Now I have every confidence that sanity will prevail and that yes will win the day. However should no triumph by bullying, corruption or vote rigging which in my opinion are the only ways they can win. I cannot begin to imagine the nightmare this would have on Scotland which would be tarred forever as a colony not a country who were too infantile to take control of our own land from the clowns in Westminster circus. Taunted by our closest kin, rejected and loathed by the rest of Europe and indeed the world I don’t even know if I could continue to support Scotland in such circumstances and I may have to seriously switching my allegiances to Ireland. Why? Well lets just say I couldn’t imagine real patriots like James Connolly or Kevin Barry being influenced by the pathetic appeal of a faded right wing musician who didn’t have the guts to make the comment himself. Well they were real heroes and real heroes never bottle their chance of glory.

So Scotland I pray that you take my advice and that of those who genuinely love you and take pride in all that you are and all you can become. Forget Bowie, to me this referendum reminds me of a song which I think is from the 1960’s This song is often beautifully sung by my friend Lisa Gilday. The song is will you still love me tomorrow? If I am to give an honest answer to the question in that title, I would have to say I don’t know. Will I still love you tomorrow? I guess that will depend on the answer you give me on the early hours of the 19th of September and whether you decide to be the country I have until now always loved or the corrupt, dirty, sleazy, tainted British colony I have always despised. Take the first option and you can be sure of my love, take the second option and it’s a serious game changer. Well nobody in their right mind would love anyone who robbed them then stabbed them in the back on the road out.
Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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