I Hate To Tell You Major Tom But The Golden Years Are Over

Hey everyone So David Bowie has become the latest celebrity to beg Scotland to stay in the uk. No doubt unionist politicians will be queuing up to tell us what a devastating blow this is to Alex Salmond and the SNP because in their dirty, cheap, and sleazy little world, the independence referendum is all about Alex Salmond and The SNP.

You see it does not enter their heads which have more vacant spaces than 10,000 empty car parks that it might actually be the future of our country that’s at stake. No to these deluded fools of the Westminster circus it is all about one man and his party and Bowie’s intervention will now be seen as a political masterstroke instead of what of it is, which is for the avoidance of doubt the honest opinion of a very talented musician.

Speaking as a music lover and David Bowie fan I was delighted that he won a Brit Award last night. Yes I did watch the programme despite the title which I don’t believe is a unionist conspiracy and I have to say I enjoyed it as I always do. Well as I said, I am a music lover

I have to say however I was shocked when Bowie made his intervention. It was in my opinion ever so slightly bizarre particularly as it was delivered by Kate Moss. At first I thought it may have giving us a spontaneous love bomb. You know like they’ve been told to drop in fact if I am honest I kind of hoped it was. You see and I say this with no irony whatsoever I truly believe it would have carried more weight. Sincerity, I believe is always better received than some vain attempt at flattery. It is true to say that Scots tend to be cautious of these kind of compliments even when they are genuinely well meant.

Now I have no doubt that for sentimental reasons David Bowie is totally sincere in his belief that Scotland should stay within the union, however it would have seemed more genuine had he delivered himself even in the form of a press release rather than have delivered from on high at awards ceremony for which he didn’t even turn up. I don’t know why but this seem a bit to contrived to real. Though having said this, his statement is in keeping with the begging together campaign of patronising platitudes issued from a distance. Well even the staunchest Labour voting unionist would have to admit that Cameron’s speech on Scotland from the safety of London’s Olympic Park whilst refusing to debate with Scotland’s elected First Minister was amongst the most nauseating moments in the history of the civilised world. Good god he was on a par with Gordon Brown’s I’ve wanted to be Prime Minister since the age of five speech and was so poor he could have been mistaken for Tony Blair. In other words prime time sick bucket material.

In many ways I was sad that David Bowie felt the need to enter a debate which really has nothing to do with him. As far as I am aware he does not live in Scotland or for that matter England Wales or Partitioned British Ulster. He, as far as I know spends a lot of his time in Switzerland. I wonder if he has met any laughing gnomes in his time there. I hope he has and is enjoying the quality of life his talents have quite rightly earned him. I have to say I did like his music growing up. Ok he was no David Essex and he certainly wasn’t a poster boy in the same way as Donny Osmond or for that matter Les McKeown of Scotland’s very own Bay City Rollers. That said, I did like some of his songs. Rebel Rebel, Gene Genie, Life On Mars and many others were songs to be enjoyed as I learned about my place in my community and the world.

Yes School years were important in forming my musical taste. Starting with that pre teen period from July 72 to July 74 when David Bowie was at the height of his powers. During this period his was the name which more than any other which struck fear in to parents, teachers, and any kind of authority. The articulate voice of a new generation he was loathed by the establishment who feared his style and self expression would result in anarchy and all sorts of rebellion. They need not have worried, this was a man who in true British style was as we found out last night not a man for rocking boats
Like I said I liked some of his music though the stuff I liked mainly came during my high school years when I was old enough to appreciate the lyrics of classic Bowie songs such as Fame, Golden Years, Heroes, and Space Oddity which was re-released during my first high school summer being particular favourites from a man who created and crafted characters in the same way as a playwright and took them to the stage like a highly polished actor.

Let me say that last night’s appeal to me and my fellow Scots to stay within in the union in no way diminishes my respect for David Bowie or the admiration I have for the star man. Though I hate to tell you Major Tom but the golden years are over and Scotland needs to embark on our cultural and political journey.

If I could finish this post with my own personal message to David Bowie it would simply be this. It is with hope l move to a land beyond September and I hope
you’ll come and pay us a visit sometime you will always be made very welcome here. Can you hear me Major Tom can you hear me? I hope you can, for though the golden years may be over the spirit never dies. It is with friendship I wish for a new and better relationship with our neighbours in the remaining nations of the United Kingdom based on an equality and respect rather than patronage and privilege. As someone who was an original in a dull and dreary world you will always be respected for your own unique voice, surely a part of you must recognise Scotland needs to be respected for ours and the contribution that voice can make when with an authenticity that no Westminster Scot has or will ever have it speaks on behalf of our nation and our people.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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