A Word From The Book

Hey everyone. This poem explains how my Christian faith helps me cope with my flatmate’s depression and reminds me of my duty of care towards her. I have called it A Word From The Book and I hope you find it a thought provoking read.

Screams permeate the peace
of a quiet Sunday afternoon
shattering the silence
like the sound of breaking glass
I realise I have to retreat
in to my own personal space
I cannot walk away from a friend
struggling to cope
as she fights the demons
brought on by black clouds
covering an early spring sky
it is hard for me isolated and powerless
to help ease a situation over which I have no control
except the power of prayer
a comforting word from the book
and the knowledge I have friends who stand by me in the bad times
this gives me the strength I need to swim against the tide of emotions
which threaten to engulf me
and remove the only hope
of rescuing someone
who needs to reach the
safety of the shore

@Gayle Smith 2014


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