So What If The Postie Didn’t Bring You A Card It Isn’t The Hallmark Of Failure

Hey everyone. Just thought I’d let you know I never got a valentine’s card yesterday. Now before you give me too much tea and sympathy let me just say that to be honest I’m really not that bothered.

You see I believe that far from being the most romantic day of the year it may on closer examination actually be the least romantic day in our callender as it brings with it a culture of expectation which may play out very badly for some people particularly in this climate of austerity.

Well lets think about it for a minute there is no more demanding time on the purse strings than the 14th of February each year. I mean not only do we have to buy our beau or perspective beau a card, we also have presents to consider and half the time we are bound to get it wrong. I mean unlike Christmas when we can afford to play it safe with regards to what to buy valentine’s day leave us no such options. Believe me this is a day when we have to be daring and task a risk for love

This may be a wonderful thrill for adrenalin addicts however it may just scare the living hell out of the rest of us especially those of us in new relationships. Well ask anyone male or female straight or gay and if they are completely honest they will say that the first valentine’s day was a nightmare. Well lets think about it for a minute you’ve only just coupled up your taking time to get to know the one in your life and your not sure where the boundaries are particularly when it comes to cards. For example do they want as I would a big soppy romantic card with a hand written love or at very least lust filled poem in it. Or would you want a smutty more humorous card.

Trust me this is very important and you have to make the right choice, as the wrong decision could be fatal and your new relationship could be over before it even started. So I think I can live without that kind of pressure. However I know that valentine’s day can be great fun if you are with the one you love and I hope all my friends who are in stable or blossoming relationships had a brilliant day yesterday. Well they are not and have never been the problem. No the problem to me lies with those serial whingers who every year every year complain that nobody loves them and expect me to a give a damn.

Now I hate to inform them but with that attitude it is hardly surprising that nobody wants them. I mean be honest if they can’t love themselves how in the name of god do they expect anyone else to love them. These people seem to think the world owes them a living, a partner and probably a pink cadillac or a gold rolls royce. You can delete as appropriate. The fact of the matter is that the world owes them nothing and the sooner they realise that the better.

Like the rest of us these people have both good and bad points but by feeling sorry for themselves they accentuate the negative rather than the positive and therefore can hardly blame potential suitors for being scared off when they see more negatives than any photography studio. So my message is both brutal and uncompromising if you want love you have to get out there and find it.

Now I’m sorry if some people find this a wee tad harsh but I honestly believe that sometimes you really have to be cruel to be kind. I mean it’s all very well to patronise these people but you have to say they are doing themselves no favours whatsoever. So what if the postie didn’t bring you a card this year it’s no big deal and it’s hardly the hallmark of failure. Well as I said at the beginning of this post I never received a card on valentine’s day but that doesn’t concern me because you see I’ve always been a glass half full kinda girl and I know I have 364 days to put that right for next year and my heart will be opened for love on whatever day Cupid decides to find me.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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